Key Takeaways of Video Communication App Webinar | TEXT2DRIVE

Key Takeaways From The TEXT2DRIVE Video Communication App Webinar

Key Take Aways

  • mers spend on average $125 more when videos are sent versus when they are not.
  • TEXT2DRIVE’s video app allows service technicians to easily record and send videos to customers in which they point out repairs that need to be made.
  • Videos supercharges conversions and sales by building trust with customer

Key Takeaways From The TEXT2DRIVE Video Communication App Webinar

Key Takeaways From The TEXT2DRIVE Video Communications Webinar

Customers Spend $125* More When Videos Are Sent

A robust audience of dealership personnel had everything to gain when they joined the TEXT2DRIVE™ video communication webinar that was held on November 14th, 2019. Using the video app, service technicians can easily record and send videos to customers in which they point out repairs that need to be made.

Chris Solomon, Director of Product Development, shared the powerful ways in which video accelerates profits and builds customer trust.


why video is important for dealerships

  • Video Boosts Conversions & Ultimately Sales
  • Video Has Great ROI
  • Video Builds Trust
  • Video Appeals To Mobile Users
  • Video Helps Explain Things Faster & More Clearly
  • Video Increases Engagement
  • Video Improves Retention Rates
  • Video Is Very Simple To Use For All Ages & Levels Of Tech Savviness

Video supercharges conversions and sales by building trust with customers. When one of your technicians sends them a video showing them exactly what needs to be repaired on their vehicle, it demonstrates the validity of the proposed repair work. Customers can see that the recommendation is valid. Videos give them a look at what is going on inside their vehicle.

The vast majority of customers do not possess extensive knowledge of automobiles. Video helps explain mechanical issues to them in a way they can better comprehend. When customers understand the issues, they are in a better position to realize why the solutions are necessary.

As a result, customers spend $125* more when videos are sent versus when they are not. 

The TEXT2DRIVE video app can be downloaded on any Apple or Google device, making it easy to use anywhere and anytime. Your staff will not be chained to a desk. They can move around freely as working in the service department often entails.

Video Webinar How The App Works & How To Review Media Library

How It Works

The video app is easy for anyone to use, even the least tech-savvy employees. The full-featured communications platform and accompanying video app were designed exclusively for automotive dealerships. The makers of TEXT2DRIVE understand that learning complicated technology is not convenient for busy dealership staff. 

Our mobile video app allows your service department to complete a number of tasks effectively & efficiently:

  • Record videos in which they point out recommended repairs
  • Send videos to service advisors to review; this is a setting you have the option to enable, rather than the default setting
  • Send videos to customers
  • Access customer accounts to obtain and add information
  • Add media such as photos and videos to customer accounts

In addition to the video of their vehicle, each text message sent to customers includes a landing page with pertinent information about their vehicle.


Best Practices For Video

There are certain best practices you can follow when using video that will help ensure a high ROI.

Keep It Short And Sweet

While you can record videos up to three minutes long using the video feature, it is best to keep them succinct. People are reluctant to spend a lot of time on any task these days. Watching videos is no exception. Videos that are two minutes or less in length tend to have the most success.

Balance The Positives With The Negatives

No one wants to hear that their car is a clunker on the verge of falling to pieces. Yes, you absolutely should stress the repairs that are necessary. However, we recommend keeping it positive by letting them know the aspects of their vehicle that are in great shape, as well. It is also a good idea to inform them of upcoming maintenance items so they are prepared for their next visit.

Give Priority To Customer Concerns

Your service technicians should always be prepared before they start recording a video. This includes accounting for and prioritizing the customer’s main concerns. Touch on these first and then add other recommendations.

leveraging the video media report for repair orders

Leveraging The Media Report

Included with the video app is the media report. This feature ensures you will get the most bang for your buck with the media you record, share and store in customers’ accounts. The report provides details on the following:

  • How many ROs were sent with media attached
  • A comparison of the average RO dollar amount with media versus without media
  • A comparison of the total dollar amount of ROs before media was sent versus after media was sent
  • The average RO dollar amount increase after media was sent

The key takeaways above give you an idea of how the video feature can boost your service department’s bottom line. You can learn more by watching a replay of the webinar.

*TEXT2DRIVE DATA USAGE REPORT; DATE RANGE: MARCH 2019; NORM CRAWFORD. At the time of the webinar, there was no additional charge for Video Inspect. As of January 2020, there is a nominal fee for Video Inspect. See TEXT2DRIVE sales rep for details.