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The Most Powerful Mobile Video App In The Auto Industry


video texting app for service and sales departments
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The Most Powerful Mobile Video App In The Auto Industry


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La aplicación de video móvil más potente de la industria automotriz


A Powerful Mobile App That Drives Communication, Customer Service & Revenue

TEXT2DRIVETM is the single mobile app that empowers your service and sales departments to communicate securely and more effectively with customers and with each other. Furthermore, the newly remastered user-friendly mobile app allows your associates to interact with customers in a legally compliant manner via text message, a form of communication the majority of people prefer today.

It also gives everyone the freedom to move around your auto dealership versus being chained to their desk.


Watch It In Action

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The Mobile App Makes It Easier For Employees To Do Their Job Well

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Customer Records of Media Sent

All media associated with an R.O. number is displayed and can be sent to the customer.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Repair Order Information

Repair orders display the OP codes used for the RO, as well as declined services.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Search by VIN Scan via your phone's camera

Vehicle information can be accessed by RO number, tag number, and VIN scan.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Video Communications up to 3 minutes

Dealership staff can either take a photo or shoot up to 3 minutes of video.

Open Lines Of Communication Between Employees & Customers Will Build A Better Business

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - We Make Texting Cool

Complete Transparency

The modern definition of effective communication goes way beyond a simple exchange of words. Customers want to be informed throughout the process, in ways that are convenient and quick for their busy lives. The TEXT2DRIVE mobile app gives customers the transparency they crave.

Sharing With The Right People

Once an employee has created an account for a customer with the RO, VIN or tag number, they can choose whether or not they want to share the file with the customer. If they opt to share it, the customer is sent a text message containing a link to a landing page with an overview of the repair process and other information related to their account such as history, pictures, and videos.

All of this information is saved within your cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Share With The Right People
Employee Customer Share App

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - The Future Is A Full Customer Profile
TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - The Future Is A Full Customer Profile
TEXT2DRIVE secured video app

All In One Place

Soon our mobile app will offer a landing page for each customer that they can log into as they would a business profile page. This page will contain all of the relevant data for their account including their service and sales history, appointments, declined services and current repair status. They can even pay their bills directly on the page.

Updating Customer Accounts

Employees can add new media to the customer’s account anytime and the system will automatically notify the customer that their account has been updated. This keeps customers in the loop while saving your staff valuable time.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Adding To A Customer's Account
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These Features are Critical for Ensuring your Text Messaging Communications Software is Effective

The fact is, all text messaging communication platforms are not created equal. Most lack features that are critical for helping your dealership increase service revenue, boost vehicle sales and improve Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores.

Streamlined Communication Makes Your Dealership Run More Smoothly

TEXT2DRIVE Supports Employee-to-Customer & Employee-to-Employee Conversations

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Employee to Customer Texting


  • No name, no problem! Search for customers by entering their phone numbers. And easily create new customer records using their name, phone number and email address.
  • Employees can engage in two-way texting with customers from their desktop or mobile device – whichever is best for them at the time.
  • Customers can TEXTconnect with any staff member by texting the employee’s name to 37483.
  • Employees can send pictures or videos to customers right from the photo library on their desktop or phone.
  • Sales associates can record and send videos to customers of cars that match their interests.
  • Service staff can record and send videos showing customers exactly where and why recommended repairs need to be made on their vehicle.
TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Employee to Employee Communication


  • When looking to chat one-on-one with an employee, the names of the employees who are online appear at the top of the screen.
  • Chat with one employee, a department or the entire dealership using group chat.
  • Creating a group chat room has been simplified into one quick and easy step.
TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Modern Design & Accessibility

A Distinctly Modern Design Makes Our Mobile App Easy To Use For All Employees

Value-driven features make the TEXT2DRIVE mobile app an innovative leader in its market. The clean design, improved user interface and graphics that are similar to text messaging apps on personal devices make this advanced software accessible for even your least tech-savvy employees.

Say goodbye to time wasted training employees on complicated systems.

Iron Clad Security Keeps Customer Information Secure & Accessible

Every single piece of communication and data – including all text and voice conversations, pictures and videos and customer account information – is archived in the TEXT2DRIVE CRM software. Since it is not kept on employees’ personal devices, your auto dealership will always have a record of it, regardless of staff members leaving.

And you have a record of all communications to reference for training, accountability and quality control purposes.

TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App - Info Is Secured Within An Auto Dealers CRM
mobility spanish app

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