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Video Communications Via Text Message Speed Up Service Approvals & Increase Vehicle Sales

Do you want your dealership to run more smoothly and become more profitable? The TEXT2DRIVETM App can help you achieve both goals. Give your associates from service to sales the freedom to work with customers from anywhere in the dealership.

Tap into valuable data; all text communications (videos, photos & SMS) are recorded and stored within the CRM software and are easily accessible. You never have to worry about an employee leaving and losing the data again because information is never actually on a personal device.

TEXT2DRIVE video capabilities

Gain Customer Trust

Service technicians can send customers videos via text messaging in which they point out the repairs that need to or should be made. Seeing the recommended work firsthand communicates to customers that the proposed repairs are necessary and real.

Dependable Quality Control

All multi-point inspection videos are sent to service managers before customers receive them to ensure the quality is up to your dealership’s standards and the technician’s commentary is easy to understand.

Sell to Customers Anywhere

Show a new or used vehicle to a customer anytime, even if they are offsite. Salespeople can text message 360 tours of the vehicle or videos featuring specific parts of the car including the exterior, interior, engine, and wheels.

Better Internal Communications Equal Better Customer Service

Service advisors, service technicians and salespeople can all communicate easily with one another to create a smooth experience for customers. Plus, they can touch base to optimize selling opportunities for both the service and sales department.

TEXT2DRIVE video communications

All communications through the Mobile App are secured, archived and legally compliant.

TEXT2DRIVE video 2-way text communications

Employees can reach out and respond to customers instantly via two-way texting.

TEXT2DRIVE video authorization

Video authorizations communicate trust and avoid headaches.

TEXT2DRIVE video tours

Video tours of vehicles build excitement and bring customers to your dealership.

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