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DMS Integrations

Dealership Management System (DMS) Integrations for Car Dealers

Communication Platform Integration

DMS & BDC Integration

Customers have expectations, and dealerships have specific needs. Text2Drive was explicitly designed with both customers and auto dealers in mind to deliver a communication platform that meets standards and expectations. One of the most important aspects of our software is seamless dms integration for car dealers with dealership management systems (DMS) and business development centers (BDC). We create a solid foundation with our integrations that sets auto dealers up for success.

dms integration for car dealers


Mobile Bill Payment

Text2Drive’s advanced text message payment system manages the entire payment cycle. It makes the checkout process quick and convenient. The e-signature feature securely completes transactions to comply with regulations. All of this is made possible by the simple software interface that works directly with your DMS.


Text2Drive enables service technicians to send videos to customers through, showing them exactly what needs to be repaired on their vehicles. And because we integrate with dealership management systems, all interactions are stored safely for easy access. You don’t need to worry about losing records on any single or personal devices.


When a written text won’t do, Text2Drive enables click-to-call voice recording. This solution allows staff to call customers from within the software to explain a repair or vehicle issue without using a personal phone number. All communication is recorded and securely archived in Text2Drive.