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Recommended Car Dealership Repair Videos Build Trust & Revenue During The Coronavirus

Key Take Aways

  • By sending customers a video of potential repairs, a dealership is able to give a customer an up close and visual representation of the issues their car is experiencing.
  • Dealerships experience a $125 increase on average in RO totals when they utilize video.

Recommended Car Dealership Repair Videos Build Trust & Revenue During The Coronavirus

Build Trust With Videos Of Recommended Repairs

People are extremely hesitant to part with their money during a time when many have been laid off and businesses are dealing with a soft market. However, they also need their cars and they need them to function. Therefore, your service department has a demand it can fulfill. The trick is getting customers to trust that your staff is being honest about work that needs to be done.

Building trust used to take months or even years. You need revenue now. So, how do you show your customers that the repairs you recommend are legitimate?

One word sums up the solution: video.


Show Customers The Issue

Imagine being able to take customers back into the service bay to give them a close, glaringly obvious look at the issues their car is experiencing. While it is not realistic to show them in person, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, you can accomplish the objective by sending them a video.

TEXT2DRIVE™, a full-featured communications platform, includes a video feature built into the TEXT2DRIVE Mobile App that makes doing so quick and easy – even for the least tech-savvy employee. The process is simple:

  1. The service technician records a video of the vehicle in which they point out recommended repairs, up close and personal, making it clear to the customer that the proposed work is legitimate.
  2. You can choose whether or not you want the service advisor to review the video before it is sent.
  3. The service advisor or technician sends the video to the customer via text message.
  4. The customer can review the video at their convenience and they are able to see exactly what needs to be done to their car.

Recommended repairs sent via video work.

Dealerships experience a $125 increase on average in RO totals when they utilize video

Easy To Use And Access

The makers of TEXT2DRIVE are aware, due to their many years of experience in the auto industry, that some of your employees are not tech-savvy. With this reality in mind, they designed TEXT2DRIVE to be easy-to-learn and master, as well as user-friendly.

They can record videos up to three minutes in length – allowing them enough time to give the customer a detailed analysis without taking up too much of the customer’s time.

Every single interaction held on TEXT2DRIVE is saved for easy access by managers, allowing you to exert quality control and make improvements in communication going forward.

This creates a streamlined experience for customers and ultimately improves customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores.

Get more recommended repairs approved and gain the trust of your customers with TEXT2DRIVE. View our Coronavirus guide that includes more ways to use video to increase revenue at your dealership.


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