Text2Drive Auto Dealer SMS
vw19 3 months Free
35.2% CSI increase

Improve CSI Scores

  • Utilizing TEXT2DRIVE Saved Service Advisors 40 HOURS PER MONTH!
  • 2000 calls x 72 seconds to leave a voice mail, on average
  • Decreased response time from an average of 4 hours for voice mails to 90 seconds for text messages
  • Increased open rates from 20% for email to 98% for text messages

Service & Tech Videos Increase ROs

  • Service technicians send customers videos in which they point out the repairs that are needed
  • Seeing the recommended work firsthand communicates to customers that the proposed repairs are necessary and real
$125 customer pay increase per RO

$6,688 monthly customer pay per dealer

Results & ROI for TEXT2DRIVETM Recalls

  • 350* Recall Texts Sent per Dealer in JAN 2019 for 289 Dealerships
  • 13%* of Recalls Texts Sent Open an RO within 30 Days
  • 45* Customers on Average per Month Open an RO within 30 Days
  • $147/RO* in Customer Pay
  • $6,688* Customer Pay per Month
  • $633* Monthly Cost to the Dealership

940% ROI*

*On average, actual case study for the month of JAN 2019.



  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Transactional Text Messages
  • Two-Way Text Communication
  • Mobile App
  • Employee to Employee Messenger
  • Employee Group Chat
  • Interal Chat
  • Forward/Transfer Messages
  • Video Messaging
  • Multi-Messaging
  • Works on any phone, tablet & computer


  • Appointment Reminder
  • Welcome Message at Check-In
  • Sales Thank you
  • Service Introduction
  • First Service Reminder
  • Service Thank You
  • CSI Request
  • CSI/Advocacy Score Message
  • CSI/Advocacy Score Notifications
  • Declined Services
  • Service OP Code Communications


  • Sales Interface
  • Service Interface
  • Daily Appointment Interface
  • Declined Services Interface
  • Parts Interface
  • Special Order Parts Interface
  • BDC Interface


TEXT2DRIVE Tablet Interface


Bring the Power of Text to Your Website

  • LIVEchat
  • TEXTconnect & TEXTme with dealership employees
  • TEXT4appointment
  • TEXTcoupons and dealership special offers
  • TEXTvehicle for vehicle inventory information, images and videos
  • TEXTmarketing for building your opt-in marketing database

TEXT2DRIVE Speed CheckOut eSignature


Text Invoices & Offer Online Payments for ALL Departments

Complete online bill payment and invoicing capabilities. Repair orders and parts invoices text to customers in real time. Ability to take a deposit on a vehicle. No need to change Merchant Services Provider.

TEXT2DRIVE Click-to-Call


Click-to-Call & Voice Recording Solutions

Ability to make voice calls from within the TEXT2DRIVE™ platform. All calls are recorded and saved for training and verification purposes. Employees simply click on the customer’s phone number and a voice communication is established.

*The TEXT2DRIVE telephone voice feature functionality is dependent upon a dealer’s telephone phone system. Some phone systems are not provisioned or configured to allow the TEXT2DRIVE voice feature to function properly. Your TEXT2DRIVE Customer Success Manager can advise.

TEXT2DRIVE Automated Text Messages


Text Recall Notices To Customers In Seconds

TEXT2DRIVETM examines your dealers’ database each month and finds which customers should be notified of a safety recall. TEXT2DRIVETM delivers via text the recall notice and opens a two-way communication between the customer and service dept.

* Must subscribe to TEXT2DRIVE Automation Feature Package. DMS data acquisition and initial data historical poll are a separate fees based upon the DMS type. Contact TEXT2DRIVE Sales Representative for additional details.

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