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TEXT2DRIVE User of the Month
TEXT2DRIVE User of the Month
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Utilisateur TEXT2DRIVE du mois
Utilisateur TEXT2DRIVE du mois
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Testimonials & Reviews From Happy Clients Using TEXT2DRIVE™

View real testimonials & reviews from happy clients using TEXT2DRIVE’s communications solution platform to drive their auto dealership’s service, parts, finance & sales departments. Watch video testimonials with case studies, read letters from dealers, and view actual reviews from all over the United States.

Marino CJDR testimonial
Tate Auto DCJ Testimonial
"Text2Drive" is a wonderful tool! I have really enjoyed this tool! It is easier to reach customers due to most would prefer text than phone calls or emails. I have had more customers respond to my text than answer my calls. It helps me to answer questions because I know the Advisors get busy and are not able to answer right away, therefore I will pull the conversation and get their questions answered. This is just the best thing so far that I have really liked as far as being able to reach out to all of my customers. Most customers are unable to talk while working, this is usually easier for most and I have received a lot more replies this way than I have with phone calls and/or emails. This tool is just more convenient for most of my customers then harassing phone calls while they are at work and I can monitor while doing other things if text come in with questions."
Amanda O'Connor
Owner Loyalty Manager Five Star Nissan of Warner Robins
"Love using Text2Drive, the convenience it adds is priceless. Allows me to have a multiple conversation at once while helping other customers on the service drive."
Thomas Bassett
Service Drive ManagerBob Baker Hyundai
"Text2Drive is a great app!! No matter what they got your back!!!!"
Everett Diaz
Service AdvisorLarry H. Miller Chrysler Sandy
"I love Text2Drive because I can easily communicate with my clients who may not be able to hold a phone conversation in public or at work. Most people don’t check voicemail and texting is much easier."
Kortina Chandler
Assistant Service ManagerPark Place Motorcars Dallas
"I just started using Text2Drive when I became a Team Member with Bobby Rahal Volvo. This program allows me to communicate efficiently with my clients, and be more productive."
Aaron Jones
Service AdvisorBobby Rahal Volvo
“Text2Drive is an amazing resource that I use on an everyday basis. It is a great way to communicate with our customers and provide the ultimate customer service experience. There are many people who work during the day and who would prefer to text, this platform opens doors for better communication. Text2Drive is very easy to use and to navigate through, making the experience with Lester Glenn Auto Group that much better for our customers.”
Caseylynn Tutela
Service BDC RepresentativeLester Glenn Hyundai Toms River
"Text2Drive makes it so easy to keep in contact with clients, take payments and makes the active delivery so much easier."
Peter Falvey
Service AdvisorNew Country Audi of Greenwich
"For me its been an amazing experience helping customers on Text2Drive and simultaneously increasing my dealership sales. The tool is effective and easy to use and I have a great time interacting with customers."
Noor Hameed
Sales ConsultantPeel Chrysler Fiat
"TEXT2DRIVE has been extremely helpful managing my day to day interactions with clients. It stays busy almost constantly, so being able to text back and worth, while sending invoices, and being able to track these conversations while being mobile, just keeps things moving much smoother and more efficient. Thanks to everyone at TEXT2DRIVE for great support and a superior software."
Chad Huggins
Service AdvisorValley Auto World BMW
"Text2Drive has eased communication at my dealership tremendously internally and externally. We have never been as proficient and quick to respond to messages as we are now. We use it to communicate between departments, with potential clients and clients who actively have their car at our dealership. At this point we don't know what we'd do without it!"
Sarah Bailey
Service AdvisorSterling McCall Lexus
"I love Text2Drive for the convenience for both myself and the customer. I use it all the time for contact purposes, updates and payment processing. Great tool to have!"
James Smart
Service AdvisorWhite Plains CJD
"Text2Drive is a fantastic tool. Its platform works well across all my devices and makes communication with my clients easy and quick. Speed and efficiency is very important in the industry and Text2Drive is the best tool I have used in years."
Justin Monson
Porsche Brand Ambassador Service ConsultantPorsche Bellevue
"I have been using Text2Drive for a few years now and it completely simplifies the main issue in all dealers which is communication. Great system to utilize if you don't already."
Chris Gorczynski
Senior Service AdvisorKeffer CJDR
"I use Text2Drive on a daily basis and love it. I firmly believe that my clients are more satisfied and enjoy around the clock availability they have to reach me when needed. Day or night I can be contacted and that provides them with the reassurance that I will always take care of them to the best of my ability. When you have resources like Text2Drive at your fingertips, then you are better able to provide the excellent kind of client service experience that I strive to provide here at Park Place Lexus every single day."
Steven Lizarazo
Assistant Service ManagerPark Place Lexus Grapevine
"Text2Drive is spectacular. A majority of our customers @ El Dorado Mazda drop off their vehicle, then head to work. The system not only lets me keep in touch with the clients who dropped off, but also allows me to send them videos of our Multi-point inspection."
Lucas Aston
Service AdvisorEl Dorado Mazda
"My name is Davetta Kelsey and I avidly use Text2Drive, it gives me a different way to contact my Sales Customers. Many people work during the day and would prefer to communicate via text. We have templates created to make sure we are addressing all customer concerns and I receive a lot of responses this way."
Davetta Kelsey
BDC ConsultantGaleana CDJR
"I’ve used Text2Drive for about 6 months now. It is the best form of communication by far. I love that customers have the convenience of paying for service online. With the amount of volume this dealership has, Text2Drive has made life a little easier."
Vince Hammond
Service AdvisorSheehy Ford of Marlow Heights
"Using Text2Drive makes a world of difference, not having to play phone tag with customers. It helps get authorizations easier because it's in black and white and I can always go back and see previous conversations. Great tool Text2Drive!"
J.J. Jackson
Service AdvisorYaklin CDJR
"I like using Text2Drive because it helps me contact and track my clients. It helps answer questions right away without having our clients wait on hold so long."
Shira Maroroquin
Service ConsultantVolkswagen Van Nuys
"I am a Service Coordinator with Billion Toyota and I use Text2Drive every single day. For me it is the easiest and quickest way to reach out to customers in regards to special order parts, recalls, and Toyota care maintenance. During all of this I can still take calls in queue and schedule appointments, it is by far my favorite program to use within Billion Toyota."
Faith Moate
BDC Service CoordinatorBillion Toyota
"I am loving the Text2Drive system so far it really helps with staying in contact with the customer and providing status updates. Also, a very useful tool for selling work to people who are too busy to take a phone call throughout the day."
Cody Weagly
Service ConsultantFlow Acura of Winton-Salem
“I love how convenient and easy to use Text2Drive is. I use it daily to contact my customers for various reasons. Thank you Text2Drive!!”
Dana Dennis
Service Appointment ManagerHawk CDJ
"I use Text2Drive everyday with my customers from check in to ready for pick up. My customers absolutely love the texting for updates. As most people prefer text over call as it takes less time and makes everything much more efficient for both the service department and our customers. Also we send every customer a multi point inspection video and that is one feature that really drives."
Jason Hostetter
Assistant Service ManagerBayside Toyota & Chevrolet
"I use Text2Drive to reach our customers from Internet Leads & Unsold Traffic. I understand most customers feel more comfortable texting than taking a phone call and they are not always available to speak. I get a huge response! It’s quick, easy & rewarding in the long haul."
Isa Romero
Business Development ManagerD'Arcy Hyundai
"Modern service requires modern answers and Text2Drive provides the easiest, most profitable solution."
Joe Giannotto
Master Service ConsultantMcDonald Volvo
"I absolutely love Text2Drive! I am over the BDC here at the dealership and it is extremely helpful to be able to communicate with the hundreds of customers we need to help per day through this tool."
Melanie Ward
Head of BDCPeters Chevrolet CDJRF
"I love how easy it is to be able to update clients thought the day, avoiding phone tag or that awkward call with little or no information from the shop."
"Text2Drive has been an amazing tool to contact customers through photos and text messages. It’s a huge difference to show a picture to someone instead of just talking about it. Online bill pay, reaching out to promote specials and offers, keeping customers informed through template formats, the list just goes on and on with the possibilities. Thank you so much!"
Austin MillerTexas Dodge
"Since we got Text2Drive it has helped me be more efficient with contacting and updating clients. Texting is the wave of the future and 99% of my clients prefer text. Being at a luxury dealership most clients are pressed for time, speed check out has been seamless and is a great accommodation to them."
Ryan DebrechtBaron BMW
"Text2Drive is an amazing tool for us and our customers. I do the service follow up for our dealership and connecting with our customers quickly and effectively is a vital part of my job. Text2Drive empowers our customers to communicate with us in a way that actively engages them from the moment they receive their first text message all the way through the Service Thank You and CSI requests."
Cheryl Emerick
Customer Relations ManagerHonda Conyers
"I know this generation doesn’t like talking over the phone anymore, Text2Drive’s a better form of communication towards customers. I LOVE it. It gets the message out quicker."
Brigette Elisararras
Service BDCToyota of the Desert
"The Text2Drive tool is AWESOME! I can quickly assist my customers with all their needs from recalls, appointment requests, and photos. This AMAZING tool has advanced the communications in my job, the best tool I have ever used."
Debra Renfroe
Service BDCMac Haik CDJR Flowood
"The Text2Drive tool is a great source of communication in today's fast paced society. As people in 2019, we are always busy, so texting has become the most efficient way of communicating."
Brittany Bray
Service BDCMarty Cancila DCJR
"I am all about business and right, wrong or indifferent and Text2Drive keeps me in constant contact with my customer's, and my quotes, are irrefutable."
Kevin Carey
Service AdvisorJim Click Chrysler Jeep
"The Text2Drive app is AMAZING! It is 20 times better than any text tool I have used! I have been in the industry for over 10 years! I am so thankful for this tool! I am able to quickly and efficiently assist all of my customers, with photos, videos and even emojis!"
Jenna Griffin
Service AdvisorHerzog-Meier Volvo Mazda VW
"Text2Drive is awesome! I can update, sell and communicate everything with my customers and the best part about it is they can save my phone number to text back in the future when they need something."
Tony Davis
Service AdvisorKearny Pearson Ford Kia
"Text2Drive is more than just a tool to send messages and is a reliable connection to my customers even on my off days including Sunday. Simple questions can quickly be answered using the app., customers are getting replies much faster, which does not just reflect in approvals, but also customer satisfaction in form of surveys and many 'Thank you' messages."
Stefan Mau
Service AdvisorMetro Volkswagen
"Text2Drive has been a game changer! It helps me interact with more people which leads to more appointments. Such a great and easy tool for communication!"
Kayla Phillips
Business Development RepresentativeLester Glenn Chevrolet
"Text2Drive is a great everyday tool. The versatility available for the online and text phone options has been great for sales, CSI and communication. Thank you to the Text2Drive team for making this possible!"
Andrew Garcia
Service AdvisorBMW of Riverside
"Text2Drive has made me so much more efficient and productive during my busy day! I am able to stay in contact with my customers on the run without being tied down to my work station. When asked by my fellow workers or others in the industry I simply tell them 'Text2Drive is OK in my book'."
Justin Gainey
Service AdvisorGastonia Nissan
"Text2Drive has been amazing. It is so easy to communicate with clients who are on a busy schedule of their own. I know they will be able to see my updates even when I am out of the office for the day. I love Text2Drive!"
Liz Soto
Service AdvisorPark Place Jaguar DFW
"Text2Drive is so user friendly and convenient, communicating with customers is hassle free! I highly recommend Text2Drive to all parts of the dealership."
Carly Carver
Service AdvisorMarty Cancila DCJR
"I love it! It makes communicating with my clients much easier than reaching them by phone. It has certainly helped my sales numbers as well as client satisfaction. In today's world, people have very little time to take phones calls, and this provides another avenue for clients to keep up with the progress of their vehicle repairs."
Ryan Collins
Service AdvisorMercedes-Benz of Bellevue
"I’ve found the implementation of the Text2Drive software extremely beneficial to the everyday operations at our dealership. Whether it be reaching out after a new car sale to verify the new owner is 100% satisfied or in the service department where I use Text2Drive on a hourly basis to communicate average wait times, part status updates and to sell required and recommended repairs. Text2Drive has made communication with our consumer base much easier to establish in a time where the average person would prefer a quick text over a phone call."
Mike Mckinney
Service AdvisorReedman Toll CDJR
"The app and platform are great, I can have multiple conversations going on at once, where you can’t in person or on the phone which makes me more available to my customers."
Charlie Fisher
Service ManagerEastside Volkswagen
"Having Text2Drive as one of my tools is beyond helpful keeping our customers involved, I love it."
Erin Anderson
Service AdvisorSheehy Volkswagen of Springfield
"Text2Drive is a must have in the service lane, it keeps me connected to my customers that experience a busy work day and can't always talk on the phone. It allows me to talk to my customers at any point of the day, as well as it makes the process of suggesting repairs to them more personable. In a world that is going forward in technology, Text2Drive is a tool that is ahead of the curve for service advisors and I couldn't do my job without it."
Justin Sims
Service AdvisorSheehy Ford of Ashland
"Text2Drive has given me the ability to communicate with my customers on a higher level. The capabilities of sending PDF’s for repair estimates, photos, and more is so convenient for our customers and for us in the busy world we live in. Text2Drive is an asset for any dealership!"
Nancy Showers
Service AdvisorSouthern Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
"I enjoy using Text2Drive because of how easy it is to keep in contact with my customers. If I get a text when I am at lunch or after I left for the day I can handle it immediately and be prepared for when I return. It is also a huge help with informing the customer of any issues/concerns with their vehicle. I can send a picture of bad brakes or a video showing a bad wheel bearing, and that makes selling the job easy when the customer is not available to show them in person. It has streamlined how I talk with customers and is now a must have tool in any service lane."
Matt Mcdonald
Service AdvisorSheehy Ford of Ashland
"I really got to say Text2Drive has made my life a lot easier and made my sales go through the roof since I started using this program. It makes communicating with the customer that much easier and can give it that personal touch that also gives me a lot of 5 Star Reviews. I am able to make all my customers feel like they are talking with a real person and most importantly just keeping it real. Thank you Text2Drive I am truly blessed to be using your service."
Zachary Tune
Sales RepresentativePeel Chrysler Fiat
"Text2Drive is the best form of follow up! I still make my calls, and emails, but everyone wants to text. Text2Drive allows me a way to show that I am different than every other sales person. With Text2Drive I am able to send my 'World Famous Walk Around Video' that customers appreciate and enjoy. Just remember if you are not texting your customers on Text2Drive, just know I am."
Cody Jones
Certified Sales AssociateParetti Mazda
"Text2Drive provides everyone with the means to conduct convenient & modern daily business. I enjoy the use of Speed Checkout & look forward to more features with future developments. Great program for every dealership nationwide!"
Alex Alvarado
Business Development DirectorCentral Florida CDJR
"Text2Drive is essential to my success as an Internet Service Advisor. Communication is key in today’s society. Text2Drive provides a platform that allows me to interact with many more customers than I would be able to via phone. It is the future of our business."
Joel Mendelsberg
Service AdvisorBarbee's Freeway Ford
"Text2Drive has greatly increased customer's response times, which has increased productivity, and sales. Allows me to interact with multiple customers easier, with updates and estimates. With the mobile app, allows me to keep in touch with customer while away from my desk."
Carl Miller
Service AdvisorHonda Cars of McKinney
"Text2Drive has been a great way to efficiently communicate with our customer's in today's ever technologically changing world. It allows communication to be quick, easy and to the point without picking up a phone!"
Lindsey Yoakum
Service BDC ManagerHawkinson Nissan
"Text2Drive has improved my customer service, as I am able to inform guests with quick and friendly updates. It allows me to review quotes from months prior on services and repairs. Most guests with busy lifestyles prefer to text. I love Text2Drive - it has been a very important tool."
Tiffany Julien
Service AdvisorBMW of Riverside
"I love using Text2Drive. It allows me to stay busy and even take a phone call while updating other customers. My customers love it as well!"
Garritt Stryker
Service AdvisorButton CJDR
"Text2Drive has allowed me to easily multi-task while maintaining communication with my clients. I find the interface very user friendly and its features allow for efficiency within the dealership. The app is also installed on my cellphone to keep me updated when I'm on the go. A true time saver for all personnel and must have tool for service operations."
Emanuel Mendiola
Service AdvisorFreedom Chevrolet Buick GMC
"I can manage multiple customers at once, send and receive photos, send out greetings and thank you messages in my own words, text coworkers and technicians without leaving my desk. Text2Drive is awesome!"
Kelton Malone
Service AdvisorFreedom Chevrolet Buick GMC
"I can’t say enough amazing things about Text2Drive! Not only does it keep us connected to our customers, we also use it as a department to communicate with each other. I would recommend this beneficial tool to any Service Department who’s yet to try it!"
Melissa Sacco
Service BDCArrigo DCJR Ft. Pierce
"Text2Drive helps me maintain excellent communication with my customers, it also helps them stay informed and up to date during the repair process with their vehicles."
Snaider Astorga
Service AdvisorGastonia Nissan
"I really love using Text2Drive. It makes it very easy to communicate with my clients in an efficient way. The platform is simple and easy to use. I can't believe I worked as long as I did without it!"
"The Text2Drive platform is amazing! It helps me and my customers stay up to date and I can breathe a lot easier. With all the features, the platform really works great. Thank you!"
Christopher King
Service AdvisorSouthern Kia Greenbrier
"Text2Drive has made it very easy to communicate with my customers and they love it!!"
Tyler Prince
Service AdvisorGastonia Nissan
"Text2Drive has outdone themselves with their staff. Not only did Michelle work through my troubleshooting, but she called me later that evening to make sure I was successfully logged in. That was a true testament to the service Text2Drive provides for their customers. Thank you!"
Marc Montana
Team Service ManagerNorthtown Volvo Land Rover Jaguar Porsche
"Here at Bill Luke Alfa Romeo we like taking our communication to the next level. It is the best and most efficient way to communicate with customers to better there experience. Text2Drive helps us with it everyday. We are just going to send it!"
Kyle Fisher
Service AdvisorBill Luke Tempe Alfa Romeo & Fiat
"Text2Drive has been very beneficial for me. I have been able to communicate with customers easier and faster!"
Cody Keeley
Sales AssociateRed Wing Chevrolet Buick
"Text2Drive has allowed me to streamline communication with my customers as well as allowed me the freedom to answer them quickly even when I'm not at the store. I enjoy being able to keep in contact with my customers, which are in the hundreds, using Text2Drive instead of using my personal number."
Joe Mathews
Sales RepresentativeRoger Beasley Mazda Killeen
"The Text2Drive program has been one of the best programs we have ever used to get a hold and retain communication with our customers. The cashiering option is so convenient for our customers. Being able to video repairs to clients is awesome. Heather is the best!!! In a fast-paced world like it is today it is hard to get a hold of anyone. Heather is a welcomed voice when we need help. I have and continue to boast about Heather and the Text2Drive program."
Joe Moran
Service ManagerNew Country Toyota
“Text2Drive is fantastic! Great way to communicate with the customers and very easy to use. You (Text2Drive Customer Success Manager) and the support staff have always been great to work with and very helpful and quick to resolve any problems that may arise! Thank again for everything!”
Amanda Leggett
Service BDC ManagerLester Glenn Auto Group
"I highly recommend Text2Drive for helping to get recalls completed. The service has driven customers in that failed to respond to dealer and manufacturer mailers and emails. The team at Text2Drive have been attentive to our needs and worked with us in timing and frequency of the texts going out to maximize returns. The simplicity of the software and the lack of technical issues like so many programs have is what keeps us coming back."
Derek Lewis Canterbury
Service DirectorFrisco CJR
"We recently implemented Text2Drive at our dealership. It has increased our CSI and has enabled me to keep making it happen! In today's tech world Text2Drive is a great tool to have in your pocket!"
Darren G. Bruce
Service AdvisorPerry Ford of National City
"Text2Drive is just great! I can contact my customers about Recalls & they can respond at their own convenience! A very useful tool & I absolutely love it!"
Jami Cox
Recall CoordinatorAllen Samuels CDJR
"Text2Drive has been an amazing tool for me when I am not able to get a hold of customers through voicemail. It’s great to let customers know when parts are in and for advisors to give status updates. It also conveniently helps schedule appointments around customer’s busy lives and schedules."
Jessi Hicks
Executive Dealer AdminCarson Dodge Chrysler Jeep
"I enjoy using Text2Drive because it allows a more efficient way to communicate with customers that I am working with. It is a vital tool to have when sending videos to customers regarding their vehicle's multi-point inspection."
Uriel Flores
Service AdvisorKen Garff Hyundai Downtown
"Text2Drive is an awesome platform and very easy to use. I prefer to communicate via text, it helps me save time and get right to the point."
Burrell Henry
Service AdvisorHeritage Cadillac
"Absolutely love the ability to text from my desk top computer and not hand out my personal phone number. My customers are much more willing to communicate through text than email or voice mail."
Roger Smith
Service AdvisorBillion Toyota
"Prospecting recalls can be extremely tedious and a waste of company resources to pull the list and manually prospect them in house. Text2drive's recall program has maximized employee efficiency and helped us create another reason for our customers to visit the service department. We are extremely pleased with Text2drives recall program."
Lindsay Sutherland
BDC ManagerBill Luke Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
"Most efficient way to send quick messages and quotes to your customers without picking up the phone!"
Kristine Nightingale
Service AdvisorGreenway Ford
"Text2Drive is the easiest platform to use when contacting clients. Clients almost always prefer it over phone calls."
Kyle Tarrant
Assistant Service ManagerPark Place Lexus Plano
"I am not a computer guy and Text2Drive is simple to use. It keeps me in contact with my customers at all times."
Joe Lambert
Service AdvisorSchaumburg Ford
"It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Text2Drive. I have been using Text2Drive in our service department for about a year. This product is by far one of the best investments customer service, customer contact, followup and retention that I have seen in many years. The return on investment is well worth the _money. We have also hired them on occasion to text recall campaigns. The return on investment is phenomenal. I am extremely happy to recommend Text2Drive."
Michael J. Johnson
Service Director VPTate Dodge Chrysler Jeep
"Most of your competition spend their days looking forward to those rare moments when everything goes right. Imagine how much leverage you have if you spend your time maximizing those common moments when it doesn’t. If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will. Text2Drive is the gold standard that allows us to maximize our client experience in our dealership."
Luis Vera
Service AdvisorPorsche Audi of Warrington
"Text2drive has change the way I do business and interact with clients and they absolutely love it. Customers are so technologically savvy now a days and just love being able to communicate in a 21st century way!"
Kerry Saunders
Service AdvisorNiello BMW of Sacramento
"TEXT2DRIVE has made the ultimate difference in our service department. The ease of use and their Text2Drive integration has made communicating with our clients a whole lot easier and quicker. I could not recommend T2D enough. Get it! Texting has become one of the most efficient and quickest ways for our dealership to stay connected with our clients. Through its reliable and innovative texting templates, we are able to reach our clients in seconds a task that would normally take hours."
Bob Torres
Service DirectorAudi Hawthorne
"When I heard our Dealership was getting T2D, I knew it was going to be one of the best resources we would have to do our Job. In my opinion, T2D is very user friendly and simple to use! Everyone from Customers to Advisors and even Management benefit from having the option to text. In this day and age, this is a must have! Lastly, I have to say that T2D has one of the best customer support staff I have ever had to deal with!"
Justin Porto
Service AdvisorElmhurst BMW
"We use Text2Drive for everything, including tech to writer communication and parts to advisor and parts to tech. We also use it as a dispatching system and it works unbelievably well. By using your systems, we were able to increase shop efficiency and productivity. We have also increased our overall time for customers to get in and out of here."
George Carter
Service DirectorFletcher DCJR Jonesboro
"Text2Drive has made all the difference in how we effectively communicate with our customers. We have almost doubled our returned survey count monthly, as well as drastically increased our recalls performed by utilizing Text2Drive to contact our customers. Our Text2Drive Customer Success Manager Reagan Lee has kept in constant contact with me, showing me new ways to use the program and helping me increase my ROI monthly."
Josh Dambeck
Parts & Service DirectorSan Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep
"I wanted to reach out and thank you. The software is working out great. The phone traffic to the service department has been cut by 50% which is huge and makes my life much easier. Now my appointment coordinator can concentrate on making appointments rather than chasing advisors to get status updates. Service advisors by nature complain about everything and hate change.  They fought me on getting Text2Drive and now they couldn't do their job without it. They are getting repair authorizations in minutes rather than hours. This saves the technicians time and in many cases saves us a loaner car. We've been on it for 2 months now and have been number one in our zone for CSI the last 2 months. I don't think it's a coincidence."
Michael LaBrecque
Fixed Operations ManagerAudi Norwell
"Our customers have been delighted to use texting for their preferred method of communication, and we have been able to use the platform to send technician made video inspections which are even more impressive to our customers. These features have not just made it quicker and easier for us to do business, but have helped us become more profitable, while improving our overall customer experience. I would highly recommend Text2drive to anyone looking for a communications solution!"
Simon Millican
Service ManagerAudi Lehi - Ken Garff Group
"Text2drive has been a fantastic company to work with. Not only does the platform allow us to better, and more easily communicate with our customers, but the level of service we receive from the Text2drive staff is top notch! As an Audi dealer in a constantly evolving industry, it has been great to have a company willing, and able to evolve and adapt with us. I have been able to reach out to our account managers, and T2D developers with different ideas, and they have been a joy to work with, while helping me find solutions for our business."
Simon Millican
Service ManagerAudi Lehi - Ken Garff Group
"T2D has streamlined ALL phone business in the dealership. Its simple-to-use platform is ideal for veteran employees and new employees alike. T2D also has a great customer service line – their technicians are friendly and responsive!"
Mike Morano
Sales ManagerNew Country Audi Greenwich
"T2D is an awesome resource to have. I can stay in contact with my sales and service customers; with a simple text and thank them for their business as well as work out any issue they may have. My customers also appreciate the fact I’m not disrupting them during the day with an annoying call and can respond at their convenience."
Teresa Belcher
Customer Relations ManagerFive Star Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
“T2D is a true game changer in this industry. It frees up so much time from constantly being on the phone and allows you to multitask!”
Roger Rivet
Service AdvisorSalsbury’s CDJR
"T2D is a very easy and effective tool it makes communication simple and fast. The phone application allows for on the fly updates with customers. The ability to keep customers updated at a rapid pace allows for multiple tasks to be handled efficiently!"
Dan Ostenski
Service AdvisorRoadshow
"T2D has quickly become an essential tool in my job. It enables me to keep in contact with my guests and provide updates even when I am busy. I have seen a dramatic increase in my customer satisfaction scores and a big part of credit for that goes to the phone application."
"Text2Drive has been a wonderful addition to our service department. It allows us to reach out to our customers in a fast and effective manner before, during, and after their visit. It also allows us to monitor incoming customer communication so customer questions are answered promptly. No more chasing post it notes everything is right there on the screen."
Kimberly Mullins
Customer Relations ManagerTuscaloosa Ford
"Text2Drive, is a amazing tool for working with customers, I am able to use the app on my computer, phone, and iPad. This makes staying in touch with customers and communicating with them a breeze. This tool has and will continue to be a life saver for me at the dealership."
Jacob Thompson
Service AdvisorFlow Audi of Winston-Salem
“Text2Drive is a great selling tool and easy to use. I can receive texts on my computer and my phone, easily send photos and other information to my customers when I am on the go and away from my desk.”
Peter Ocasio
Service AdvisorDCH Paramus Honda
"I do one third of my communication through Text2Drive. Couldn't live without it."
Clinton Robertson
Service Drive CoordinatorRon Tonkin Kia
"Text2Drive enables our employees to communicate with our customers quickly and in the format the customer prefers: text! We are getting a much higher response rate now that we are using Text2Drive. Phone calls and emails are out: texting is in!"
Amber Epperson
BDC ManagerScholfield Buick GMC Hyundai
"Text2Drive is a great tool for the service industry. I use the app on my iPad and phone. It is super easy to use to communicate with my customers using texts or pictures."
Robert Ward
Service SupervisorAudi Denver
"The Text2Drive team understands not only the best way for me to communicate with my customers, but also what it means for my customers to communicate with me so that I might use Text2Drive more efficiently. They actually listen to questions and suggestions, and move forward with improving their platform even further, all while being friendly, helpful, and professional."
Erin Swisher
BDC LeadScholfield Hyundai East
"Text2Drive works really well for me. It helps me to explain details to my customers so they can have a better understanding. Text2Drive also makes it easier to update my customers throughout the day without bothering them with a phone call."
Sonya Marsh
Service AdvisorGene's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
"When something works, you use it...and Text2Drive works!"
Dalton Elam
Asst. Service ManagerPark Place Lexus Grapevine
"I use Text2Drive for many things. I use it to: thank my customer for servicing their car with us, to let customers know that their special order parts are in, to confirm our appointments the night before, and even to confirm my preset appointments the week before their set appointment."
Cathy Strauss
BDC ManagerDCH Brunswick Toyota
"Our leadership team here at Park Place has always been on top of improving the client and member experience. This is definitely proof in the new technology that we have added throughout the years. In saying that, most of the time new technology comes with a learning curve or improvements are necessary. This product was an immediate positive impact for us! This was almost too easy for our team to learn and use."
Jeff Cole
Service ManagerPark Place Motorcars Dallas
"Text2Drive is an innovative product and it makes my job so much easier. I'm texting you a big thank you!"
Andy Pak
Service AdvisorMcGrath Lexus of Chicago
"Text2Drive is simple to use and makes my job easy."
Chris Maydick
Service ConsultantAudi Denver
"I love Text2Drive, it's very easy and less of a hassle than calling every customer and leaving a voicemail. Since Text2Drive saves all the texts I can easily go back and show a customer what they approved or stated for a certain job."
Julian Sandoval
Service AdvisorPerkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep
"My whole team uses it. Love it! Live by it! It made life so much easier. It's simple for customers to respond to our texts, so we get a quicker turn over rate and customers are happy about it."
Dotty Benzwang
Appointment SupervisorBMW of the Mainline
"This tool is amazing and so beneficial to my livelihood here. I don't know how any advisor could do without it in today's fast paced digital world. Text2Drive is a great communication tool and it gives me credibility when a client is trying to recall an estimate given prior."
Jimmy Kingston
Service AdvisorBMW of Darien
"Text2Drive has been a tremendous help. I can't believe I've been writing service for so long and never had this tool. It's definitely a life changer and I'm so happy that we started using it."
Joaquin Alonso
Asst. Service ManagerPark Place Motorcars Dallas
"Text2Drive is very useful for updating my customers about their vehicle's progress as well as for letting them know when all repairs have been complete."
Nick Rivera
Service AdvisorEarnhardt Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
"The key to great service is communication. Text2Drive puts the service department at our clients' fingertips and at the same time makes it easy for us to accommodate their needs effortlessly. Most of my clients have embraced this new way of communicating with us and I am confident this will reflect in our CSI satisfaction scores very quickly."
Gerry Garcia
Service AdvisorNew Country BMW
"Text2Drive is everything the modern customer expects and demands. A soft touch, friendly way to stay in the loop about their vehicle without being disturbed at work or in a meeting."
Jaxon Maxey
Service AdvisorFort Wayne Nissan
"Alot of my customers like the convenience of getting a text so they can respond on their own time. It has been a positive improvement."
Justyn Headley
Lube AdvisorLithia Toyota of Klamath Falls
"Good service, very convenient. The pre-populated messages work well and they alleviate issues of not being able to contact a customer when their mail box is full. Text2Drive is also good for catching appointment changes and receiving timely feedback from customers."
John Kitzmiller
Service AdvisorJoe Rizza Ford Orland Park
"I love Text2Drive because it helps me to effectively communicate with my customers. Especially when they are at work and cannot answer their phone."
Manny Sosa
Service AdvisorBob Rohrman Schaumburg Kia
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