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Vehicle Health Report Text Messaging

Vehicle Health Report Text Messaging

Text2Drive TextConnect

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Open Up Communication

TEXT2DRIVE Text Connect automatically sends a text message to the vehicle owner when a service light is triggered in their car to let them know your service department can help. This shows your customers your dealership cares which helps drive loyalty and service revenue.

Benefits of Vehicle Health Report Text Alerts

Stay In Touch

Communication is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Using TEXT2DRIVE's vehicle health check report is the easiest way for dealerships to maximize communication since this software automates various text messages, including a Vehicle Health Report for a triggered service light.

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Safety First

Vehicle service and warning lights are there for a reason, but not all vehicle owners have the automotive knowledge to understand them. When a malfunction indicator comes on, they might not understand what repairs are needed, or that delaying them will create more problems. Sending text message Vehicle Health Reports promptly to vehicle owners is a great way to promote safety.

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Keep Customers Coming Back

Dealerships are all about CSI, and so is Text2Drive. We know that customer satisfaction is key to retention, which is why we've designed our automotive text messaging software to improve the customer's experience and dealership communication. By sending automated Vehicle Health Reports, we lighten your team's workload while keeping the customer as a top priority.

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Vehicle Health Check Settings

When a service light goes on in a customer's car, Text2Drive TextConnect will automatically send a text at the next scheduled interval. Texts are sent at 3 PM Monday through Friday, and any weekend alerts are sent on the next business day. Responses to Vehicle Health Reports default to the dealership's Service Department, and the Service Department phone number is included in the text message.

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Eligible Customers

  • Owners of vehicles sold at each dealership, when a service light comes on
  • Customers enrolled in U-Connect (Enroll at Vehicle Purchase or download U-Connect app)
  • Vehicles 2015 and newer

Applicable Service Lights Enrolled in the Vehicle Health Report Program

  • Malfunction Indicator
  • Anti-lock Brake System
  • Brake Warning
  • Charging System
  • Electronic Throttle Control
  • Airbag Warning
  • Engine Temperature Warning
  • Transmission Temperature Warning
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Gas Cap Indicator
  • Oil Change Due
  • Water in Fuel Warning
  • Diesel Particulate
  • Diesel Exhaust
  • Blind Spot
  • Hot Oil
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