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Dealership CRM For Vehicle Lease Expiration Notices

Dealership CRM For Vehicle Lease Expiration Notices

Don't Miss Out On Potential Business

Capture All Opportunities

It can be extremely difficult to retain customers who have leased a vehicle from your dealership. In many cases, once the lease ends, they return the car and you never see them again. They take their business to a different dealer. You lose out on a lease renewal or vehicle sale and all of the potential service revenue you could have generated.

Recognizing this issue, the makers of TEXT2DRIVE incorporated the lease expiration feature into the full-featured texting communications platform.

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Get Customers To Commit

TEXT2DRIVE dealership crm sends an automated text message notifying customers 90 days before their lease is up. By using this alert, you improve your dealership’s chances of getting them to renew their lease, upselling a more expensive lease or selling them a car.

Generate More Lease Revenue

Sell The Perfect Used Cars

Provided that customers follow the stringent terms set by their lease, the vehicle they return should be in great shape to sell as a used vehicle. A vehicle that is under three years old has a low mileage and has been well taken care of is the ideal certified used car.

Leases are a largely untapped gold mine. Not only are they a great source of revenue, but they also improve customer retention by ensuring customers will get their vehicle serviced at your dealership. The lease expiration feature is a valuable tool to use for increasing the number of customers who renew their lease.

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