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Dealership Automation Software

Customer Communication on Cruise Control

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Automating The Customer Journey

Communication is the key to improving customer satisfaction. We help you do it with minimal burden on your team. TEXT2DRIVE sends service notices, appointment reminders, status updates, recall notices, and more automatically with their dealership automation software. No matter where your staff is on the dealership floor, they can relay texts for streamlined customer service and effortless communication. Our dealership automation software brings communication full circle with automatic text messages sent at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

The Leading Automation Software for Dealerships

TEXT2DRIVE’s automated dealership software is proven to improve CSI scores, drive revenue and increase efficiency in the service lane. Text message response rates are unequaled by direct mail, email blasts, or call reminders. Start communicating with customers in the most effective way and use automation to save time and generate more revenue.

Clear Communication, Made Easy

Using TEXT2DRIVE, employees can send customers pictures and videos of their car or a car on the sale lot. Our communication software includes pre-built templates to help prevent errors while communicating with customers.

Other benefits include the protection of employees’ personal phone numbers, the ability to chat internally with co-workers and records of all text messages saved in the CRM.