SCO Webinar 2019 - Text2Drive


• A hacking attack occurs every 39 seconds
• In 2018 credit card fraud reached $6.8 Billion in the US
• Your dealership is also vulnerable to fraud

Criminal hackers and fraudsters are developing increasingly sophisticated tactics for stealing and using your customers’ sensitive information. Worse yet, they ramp up their efforts during the busy holiday season. An effective fraud attack could quickly turn your holidays from merry to miserable. 

The fallout from fraud is costly in more ways than one. If your dealership falls prey to fraud, the impact on your bottom line can be devastating. The reputation of your business could suffer, as well. Plus, cleaning up the mess will steal time that you should devote to running your dealership.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your dealership from getting ripped off. Our FraudProtect™ webinar teaches you about the following:

  • The current fraud landscape including the 3 different types of fraud you must combat
  • Why basic fraud filters do not work
  • The advanced tools you need to defend against fraud
  • The only solution on the market that provides the powerful tools and technology necessary to prevent fraud

Do not wait until your dealership suffers as a result of fraud. Discover the threats you must guard against and the solution that offers REAL protection for your dealership. Jaime Dickerson, a fraud prevention specialist with over 15 years of experience, will share game-changing insider information to help ward off cybercriminals.

See What You Missed

We're sorry we missed you at our FraudProtect™ webinar. Here is a recording of what you missed:

Protect your dealership from ruthless cyber-criminals by watching this recording of the fraud webinar above and downloading the full webinar presentation as a PDF!

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