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Pricing on the BEST Text Marketing & Sales Software for Auto Dealers

Tools you can start using immediately, and upgrade as you go.

For growing auto dealerships of any size. Set the foundation for your business with an automated system to build deeper relationships with customers, from the first interaction to a happy customer and beyond.


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Transactional Text Messages
  • Two-Way Text Communication
  • Mobile App
  • Employee to Employee Messenger
  • Employee Group Chat
  • Internal Chat
  • Forward/Transfer Messages
  • Video Messaging
  • Multi-Messaging
  • Works on any phone, tablet and computer


  • Sales Interface
  • Service Interface
  • Daily Appointment Interface
  • Declined Services Interface
  • Parts Interface
  • Special Order Parts Interface
  • BDC Interface


  • Appointment Reminder
  • Welcome Message at Check-In
  • Sales Thank You
  • Service Introduction
  • First Service Reminder
  • Service Thank You
  • CSI Request
  • CSI/Advocacy Score Message
  • CSI/Advocacy Score Notifications
  • Declined Services
  • Service OP Code Communications


The Ultimate Model for Customer-to-Dealer Interaction

  • LIVEchat
  • TEXTconnect with dealership employees
  • TEXT4appointment
  • TEXTcoupons and dealership offers
  • TEXTvehicle for vehicle inventory information, images, and videos
  • TEXTmarketing for building your opt-in marketing database

Happier Customers, Happier Auto Dealerships

Complete online bill payment and invoicing capabilities. Repair orders and parts invoices text to customers in real time. Ability to take a deposit on a vehicle.

*Speed CheckOut™ requires a ‘real time’ connection with a dealer’s DMS and must be compatible with the TEXT2DRIVE online payment aggregator. Your TEXT2DRIVE Customer Success Manager can advise.

Voice Calls Within Our Platform

Ability to make voice calls from within the TEXT2DRIVE platform. All calls are recorded and saved for training and verification purposes. Employees simply click on the customers phone number and a voice communication is established.

*The TEXT2DRIVE telephone voice feature functionality is dependent upon a dealer’s telephone phone system. Some phone systems are not provisioned or configured to allow T2D VOICE™ to function properly. Your TEXT2DRIVE Customer Success Manager can advise.

Hands-Free! We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting

TEXT2DRIVE examines your auto dealers’ database each month and finds which customers should be notified of a safety recall. TEXT2DRIVE delivers via text the recall notice and opens a two-way communication between the customer and the service department.

Defend Your Dealership Against Costly Fraud Attacks

Your dealership and vehicle owners can have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your store’s online bill payments are protected by the Number One fraud protection platform in the auto industry today.

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