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Nissan Case Study Using TEXT2DRIVETM

TEXT2DRIVETM works with 75 Nissan dealerships that leverage their text messaging and communication platform to its fullest extent. Imagine automation that saves your staff time while generating service revenue and improving CSI scores or interactive features that turn your website into the powerful marketing tool it was meant to be.

The TEXT2DRIVETM approach has definitely worked for Nissan. Nissan dealerships opened approximately 69,095 repair orders per month from May to July 2019. We invite you to keep reading this case study to learn more about how we have increased customer retention, converted potential customers into qualified leads and improved CSI scores for our Nissan dealerships.

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Repair Order Average Spikes At Nissan Dealerships Due To Previously Declined Service Reminders

Average RO total pay of $473.25

Nissan dealerships were missing out on a significant source of revenue by neglecting to follow up with customers on recommended repairs they declined.

Previously declined service reminders automatically sent via text message from TEXT2DRIVETM take care of this for the service staff by letting customers know they still need to get the services done.

From May to July 2019, Nissan dealerships saw an average RO total pay of $473.25 as a result of using automated declined service reminders.

Service Reminders Ensure More Customers Keep Their Appointments At Nissan Dealerships

No-shows for service appointments are not only inconvenient, but they can also cost dealerships thousands of dollars in missed opportunities.

TEXT2DRIVETM deploys automated service reminders – text messages that remind customers they have an appointment coming up.

From May to July 2019, Nissan dealerships enjoyed $20,039.22 pay per dealer over the course of three months thanks to automated service reminders.

$20,039.22 pay per dealer over 3 months

More Customers Keep Their Appointments at Nissan Dealerships Thanks To Service Reminders

18.8% increase in ROs

One of the biggest missed revenue opportunities for dealerships are no-shows for service appointments.

TEXT2DRIVETM helps eliminate no-shows with text messages deployed automatically that remind customers they have an upcoming appointment.

Nissan dealerships saw an 18.8% increase in repair order success from May to July 2019 because of automated service reminders.

Previously Declined Service Reminders Fuel Opened Repair Orders At Nissan Dealerships

When dealerships fail to remind customers of recommended repair orders, it can leave customers with no clue they even need the work done – because the right person is not always informed.

This is where previously declined service reminders from TEXT2DRIVETM come in. The automated text messages are sent to the phone number of the vehicle owner, ensuring they know about the recommended repairs.

Nissan Dealerships used declined service reminders to increase repair order volume by 8.9% from May to July 2019.

Increased RO volume by 8.9%

CSI Survey Completion Jumps Thanks To Automated Survey Requests

141% average increase in surveys

CSI survey completion helps elevate CSI scores, but getting customers to take the surveys can be challenging.

CSI survey requests from TEXT2DRIVETM are automatically sent to customers via text message following each visit to your dealership. Text messages have an open rate of about 98%.

Dealerships that used automated CSI survey requests experienced an average increase of 141% in the number of surveys completed over the course of one year.

CSI Scores Improve Due To Communications Platform

Making customers happy is the key to good CSI scores. Striking a balance between getting work done and giving customers enough attention can be challenging.

TEXT2DRIVETM is a full-featured communications platform that keeps customers informed and engaged via text messaging. Features include service reminders, service status updates and CSI survey requests.

Dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVETM saw their CSI scores increase 35% on average over a one-year period.

CSI Scores increased 35%

Nissan Dealerships Improve Communications With Customers

208,227 text messages

Staying in touch with customers about vehicles for sale and giving them status updates when their car is in for service is critical for driving revenue and earning higher CSI scores.

TEXT2DRIVETM allows dealerships to interact with customers without taking time away from the job at hand.

Nissan dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVETM sent customers a total of 208,227 text messages – 81.35% of those messages automated – per month from May to July 2019.

Service Reminders Resulted In Robust RO Dollar Amount

Recommended maintenance is a solid potential source of revenue for dealerships, but keeping track of multiple OEM schedules as they pertain to each customer’s vehicle is challenging.

TEXT2DRIVETM tackles this issue with service reminders sent automatically to customers to let them know when it is time to bring their vehicles in for the next service.

In March of 2019, 19% of the Nissan dealership customers who received an automated text service reminder had a service performed within less than 30 days!

19% of customers had service within 30 days

Unused Parts Decrease With Text Message Notifications

54% decrease in parts obsolenscence

When dealerships special order parts for customers and they do not get used, or parts are over-ordered, money goes down the drain.

TEXT2DRIVETM created automated text notifications letting customers know their parts are in. These automated alerts resulted in an average 54% decrease in parts obsolescence for dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVETM.

Service Reminders Dramatically Improve Customer Retention

The time between ROs opened per customer can stretch on endlessly without an effective way to market to and communicate with customers.

TEXT2DRIVETM keeps customers engaged with dealerships through features including automated service and sales alerts, CSI survey requests, interactive website widgets, and coupon campaigns.

Dealerships that utilized TEXT2DRIVETM showed that customers returned to the dealership’s service department TWICE PER YEAR!

customers returned to service 2x per year

Video MPIs Drive Increase In RO Totals

$125 increase in RO totals

The bad news: Customers tend to be wary of auto dealerships and distrust repair recommendations.

The good news: The TEXT2DRIVETM mobile app has the capability for service technicians to record and send videos to customers wherein they point out recommended repairs, which builds trust and helps “sell” repair recommendations.

Dealerships that sent video MPIs from TEXT2DRIVETM experienced a $125 increase in RO totals.

Nissan Dealerships Earned Additional Revenue With Recall Alerts

Safety recalls are an untapped gold mine for many dealerships that lack the ability to effectively inform customers.

Safety recall alerts from TEXT2DRIVETM remedy this by alerting customers via text message of open safety recalls on their vehicles.

From May to July 2019, recall alerts helped Nissan dealerships earn an average recall pay per dealer of $6,974.07 over the course of two months.

Recall pay/dealer $6974.07 over 2 months

Most Customers Chose Mobile Payment Over Paying In Person

91% of customers sent checkout requests

Waiting in long check-out lines and being unable to get questions about their invoice answered by the service staff that worked on their car can result in frustrated customers.

SPEED CHECKOUTTM from TEXT2DRIVETM eliminates frustration by automatically sending customers their invoices via text message.

91.03% of customers sent SPEED CHECKOUTTM requests by Nissan dealerships from May to July 2019 opted to pay their bill online.

Customers Overwhelmingly Prefer To Communicate With Dealerships Via Text Message

Most customers want to conduct their business with auto dealerships quickly and with minimal human interaction.

34% of dealership customers prefer to communicate with dealerships via text messages. However, a scant 9% of dealerships are providing the solution their customers seek.

TEXT2DRIVETM is a full-featured communications platform with features that include automated sales and service alerts, mobile checkout, promotional campaigns and more.

34% of customers prefer to text

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