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Drive Your New York City Dealership Further, Faster with our Text Marketing & Sales Software

TEXT2DRIVETM Streamlines Communications & Improves Customer Satisfaction Rates for New York City Dealerships

TEXT2DRIVETM was designed with the unique needs of dealerships in mind. We understand that better communication equals increased revenue. That is why we designed the texting platform with features such as Speed CheckOutTM and automated alerts. TEXT2DRIVETM gives your customers a positive experience and helps you gain their trust when it comes to repairs.

We totally get it: The stakes are high when it comes to communicating with your customers. TEXT2DRIVETM protects your dealership by keeping it fully legally compliant with federal and cellular provider regulations regarding text messaging and SMS marketing to consumers. It is no wonder auto dealers, sales managers, service directors and parts managers in New York City, New York and across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada trust TEXT2DRIVETM to support operations on a daily basis.



94% of Consumers Prefer Auto Dealers That Can Text Message

auto dealer benefits that use our text messaging software

Key Text Messaging Features

  • Full legal compliance eliminates the risk of fines
  • Two-way text communications
  • Unlimited texting and no hidden usage costs for unlimited users
  • Protection of personal privacy
  • Service reminders generate high response rate
  • Departments and individuals and departments can communicate using group chat and text messaging capabilities
  • Eliminate unanswered voicemails and telephone tag
  • DMS certified & integrated
  • Standard templates eliminate the need for manual text entry
  • Central, single source for all dealership communications
  • Compatible with all computers and devices
  • Website integration
  • Real-time, cloud-based
  • Improved mobility due to ability for employees can text message from anywhere onsite or offsite
  • Security
auto dealers can streamline their service department by using our software

Streamline Service Department

  • Status updates are lightning fast
  • Crystal clear, fast Repair Order (RO) authorizations eliminate misunderstandings
  • Service completion notification alerts
  • Automatically transmitted CSI surveys
  • Customer payments accepted via text message
  • Eliminate unwelcome surprises and long checkout lines
car dealers can connect to customers better and close more sales

Close More Sales

  • Highest communication open rate
  • Protect personal phone numbers and make communications 10x faster
  • Potential for 100% increase in sales conversions
  • Expanded marketing database
  • Software is easy to learn and intuitive
  • Less time struggling to learn technology frees up more time to sell
  • Use the system while moving around freely

New York City Has a Proud Automotive Heritage

Dating as far back as 1900, the first automobile show in North America was held in New York City. It still is, in fact. The New York International Auto Show has become the largest attended of its kind. The event, known for introducing innovative new ideas and products to the world, has remained an institution throughout decades of growth and struggle in the United States. People from many different walks of lives and industries come together at the show for the love of automobiles.

Even if they are not into cars, your customers want to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape. Streamlining communications and showing them a video of the repairs their car needs shows customers your dealership is trustworthy, dependable and professional. Plus, customers prefer to communicate with dealerships via text messaging. It is convenient for everyone.

New York is the most populous city in the United States with a July 2015 population of 8,550,405. It has grown by over 1 million people since 1990. The Big Apple is more than twice the size of Los Angeles, the second largest city in the country.

text messaging software for New York City dealerships

TEXT2DRIVETM Services Your Auto Dealership Needs

Drive More Sales When You Text Message

TEXT2DRIVETM has become a “must” for Sales Managers focused on improving ROI and increasing sales for dealerships:

  • Easily manage sales staff
  • Save time on training workers lacking technology proficiency by using text messaging, which most people already know how to do
  • Easily answer questions leads ask to engage them and provide vehicle descriptions to them
  • Locate and target pre-owned cars for “buy-back” programs by effortlessly searching product inventory
  • Streamline external communications with customers and Internal communications within the dealership

Achieve Smoother Overall Operations When You Text

TEXT2DRIVETM is the solution Service Managers trust when they want to improve efficiency in the service departments and achieve customer satisfaction:

  • Reliable and smooth communications bolster CSI scores
  • Generate higher commissions, reduce downtime from missed appointments and ultimately increase shop revenue through better management
  • Eliminate telephone tag by communicating via text with customers
  • Templates eliminate the need to manually key
  • Manual entry is not required for customer cell phone numbers
  • Customer text messages and calls get automatically routed to the appropriate party – whether that is a person or department
  • The widespread use of text messaging makes learning and adopting the software quick and easy

The TEXT2DRIVETM Difference

Trusted Partner. Proven Performer. Industry Leader.

“The key to great service is communication. Text2Drive puts the service department at our clients’ fingertips and at the same time makes it easy for us to accommodate their needs effortlessly. Most of my clients have embraced this new way of communicating with us and I am confident this will reflect in our CSI satisfaction scores very quickly.”
— Gerry Garcia, Service Advisor, New Country BMW

New Features

Approve, pay and authorize invoices in just 3 easy steps.
Instantly and easily communicate with individual departments, a group of employees or even the entire dealership.
The dealership receives an alert when a customer’s check engine light comes on.
This extension of the communication platform allows you to communicate with customers securely and legally.
Vehicle search history and customer profiles are easily accessible.
Gain trust by using our Mobile App to send customers videos of service issues and before-and-after pictures of car repairs.
Clickable invites allow customers to save service dates in their smartphone calendars.
E-Signature allows customers to sign their invoice securely and electronically from their phone. You can send customers invoices and accept payments via text messages.
Record/archive conversations while concealing your personal cell phone number when you call customers.
Full desktop functionalities are available for Android, iPad and iSurface tablets.

Drive Your New York City Dealership’s Sales Department

Videos and photos enhance videos and text responses to customer inquiries. Text messages that include stock numbers engage shoppers.
Quickly locate pre-owned cars in the service bay using the year, model and make of desired vehicles.
Use text to share information about vehicles and interactive widgets to connect to the sales department.
BDC eMarketing makes sales software for optimized customer communications and full-featured text messaging service available.

Drive Your New York City Dealership’s Service Department

Service department messages are automatically routed to the appropriate team member to improve the odds of customer satisfaction.
Higher response rates improve ROI even without using coupons or discounts.
Beginning with the point of purchase and including the purchase of a replacement or additional vehicle, the entire customer service and vehicle maintenance process is automated.
Notify customers of recalls on their vehicle with text message alerts. You can set preferences based on data stored right in your dealership database.

Drive Your New York City Dealership’s Marketing Department

Keep a detailed record of all communications by securely archiving them. Your website becomes a powerful marketing tool when you have the capabilities to give customers the option to download coupons, get vehicle information, communicate with employees via live chats and TEXTconnect with any employee.
Text message communications and associated programs are fully legally compliant.
Conserve time typically spent on training with the easy-to-use Dashboard Interface, text, Communicate faster with templates for text messages and free up time with multi-messaging capabilities.
All inbound and outbound text messages are securely recorded and archived. A large variety of reports give you insight into consumer behavior and needs.
Stay in touch easily with customers via secure, legally compliant (with mobile devices) text messages.

What Major Manufacturers & Our Customers Are Saying About TEXT2DRIVETM

Rick Stubbs Talks About His Experience With TEXT2DRIVE

“The ability to send out recall notifications has netted us about an additional $48,000 a month in warranty revenue”

Text Marketing Software For Car Dealerships That WORKS!

“It’s going really well for us. It allows us to communicate with our customers more effectively in a fashion they prefer.”

What Rick Walters Thinks Of TEXT2DRIVE

“I do not embrace technology in any way… but it has made my job a lot easier and customers are just elated”

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