Service-To-Sales Will Increase Your Dealerships New Vehicle Sales

Drive New Car Sales From Your Service Lane With Text2Drive’s New Lead Generation Tool

lead generation for car sales

Text2Drive’s new tool for lead generation is crucial to dealerships looking for unique ways to put customers in new cars. The solution is Text2Drive’s new Service-To-Sales (STS) feature. Why not increase car sales & decrease used vehicle search time with what’s coming through your service door already?

One of the benefits of STS is the ease of finding the right car for a used car buyer. “Easily add the cars you look for. For example, what’s hot in your used car market right now is a 2013 Grand Cherokee. However coming into summer, the market may be looking for 2014 Jeeps. In the end, it only takes a moment to update the campaign,” explains Gregg Owen, CEO of Text2Drive. “Manufacturers offer buyback campaigns on specific cars. Entering them into the T2D lead generation software makes life easy.” Overall, a quick fix for any new or used car dealership to increase car sales.

The simple to use new feature will increase vehicle sales in 3 easy steps:

3 Steps to Service-To-Sales

  1. The Sales Manager selects the year, make, and model of  vehicles they are looking to buy back.
  2. Create a campaign to locate those cars within the dealer’s service appointments.
  3. When a selected vehicle for the “buy back” campaign enters your service drive, sales managers will be alerted with a “push notification” in the Text2Drive dashboard and on the texting mobile app. The notification will show the customer’s name, the amount of miles the car has on it, and what the service advisor is currently assisting them with.

See in real time how Service-To-Sales is a great tool for lead generation for car sales. It can work in your dealership also, watch this video above.