Improve CSI Scores & Increase Repair Orders With Text2Drive Op Codes

Improve CSI Scores & Increase Repair Orders By 20%

Text2Drive uses your Op Codes in the most effective way possible to increase repair order counts. Op Code reminders via text message automatically notify customers when they are due for service.

After implementing the Text2Drive platform, dealerships typically see more than a 20% increase in repair orders (ROs). Plus customers respond 90% quicker. This is great news for both customers and business owners alike, the dealership gets faster responses & customers can use their preferred manner of communication. This is only accomplished through text messaging.

The Text2Drive Difference

Dealerships who use Text2Drive’s text messaging software have seen a major increase in their success rate for repair orders.

  • On average Text2Drive’s text message open rate is 98%
  • Service & sale response rate is about 45%
  • Response times around 90 seconds
  • There’s an average of 40% increase in conversions

These Success Rates Speak For Themselves

  • Mike Haggerty Buick GMC saw a 61% success rate after using Text2Drive, receiving 166 RO’s from the 734 reminders that were sent.
  • Al Piemonti Ford saw similar results with Text2Drive, seeing a 57% success rate after switching over from older methods of communication.

The proof is in the numbers. Text2Drive is the ultimate text messaging software that will give your dealerships the boost they need to increase repair order success rates, sales, and ultimately CSI scores.

Hear What Customers Are Saying

Mark Kirk, Service and Parts Director of Dulles CDJR & Dulles Motorcars said, “We used to use email for service reminders for the past 20+ years. Before email, we sent out snail mail. Since we started using Text2Drive, we stopped sending email. About 3 weeks after we were set up and live, I turned all email reminders off. We communicate only through T2D for service reminders. Our opt out percentage is less than 1%. I have seen over a 10% increase in RO’s just from the Op Code reminders sent out to our customers. This increase in repair orders creates more revenue and could easily enhance CSI scores and overall customer service quality.

Kirk went on to say, “I emailed Chrysler and told them how good T2d is. It’s user friendly, my team loves using it, and the customers love it and say they love communicating through text. Anyone not using this feature is missing the boat. Period! Text2Drive’s set up, support and product are phenomenal.”

The Text2Drive Op Code Takeaway

Overall, using Text2Drive’s Service Department software along with Op Codes is one of the easiest ways to communicate with customers while generating substantial amounts of revenue for every dealership. This effective method of two-way communication not only helps your dealership now, but also creates great lasting relationships with your customers.

Contact Text2Drive today to book a live interactive demo or to get more information on how T2D text message marketing, service & sales software can be implemented into your dealership. Start using Op Code Campaigns the Text2Drive way to increase repair order counts, gain over a 20% success rate, and improve CSI scores which all leads to a boost in your dealership’s revenue!

Text2Drive is based out of Littleton, CO with offices all over the country, including Chicago, IL. And as always, we are proud to say Text2Drive is made in the USA!