Improve Your CSI Score By Getting Your Entire Dealership On Board

How To Get Your Dealership On Board To Improve CSI Score

If you work at an auto dealership you know that the one engine that keeps the business going is having a high CSI score. There is no doubt that every person on staff has pushed CSI surveys on their customers to improve CSI scores. No sales representative wants to see anything below a perfect score. Meanwhile, everyone knows that great customer service is the fuel to keeping sales up. The first step in improving your CSI score starts with your team at the dealership. But how do you get everyone on board and on the same page?

Is your staff fully trained?

First, in order to improve your CSI score, you must make sure that the whole team is on board at the dealership. Is the entire team trained on how to handle and distribute CSI surveys? Does your team have the same goal and strategy in mind, to improve the dealership’s CSI score?

Improving the auto dealers overall CSI score doesn’t just affect the dealership, it affects the sales representatives as well. Making sure that your staff is fully trained and on the same page is the goal. Customer satisfaction begins and ends with your staff. In any case, the key to all of this is being personable and helpful with your customers…

  • Being kind and friendly is what makes the sale happen.
  • “Treat others how you want to be treated,” a saying that will always be true.
  • Don’t be pushy.
  • Stop focusing solely on selling features, focus more on educating and benefits.
  • Learn how to take criticism, properly analysis the feedback, and develop an action plan based off those results.
  • Constantly adapt to current industry and world trends.
  • Connect with customers when and how they want to be communicated with.

Keep it fun

Above all, keep improving your CSI score at the top of mind. For managers and owners of the dealership, set the example and make it fun for your staff. At the top of each day/week have your team set individual goals for themselves when conducting CSI surveys. Ultimately, setting goals will improve overall dealership goals and create motivation among the team.

Although your CSI score is at the forefront of the dealership and goals are a must, you don’t want this to be the pressure that scares your sales team. Presumably, the best way to get your team on board is making the sales floor light and exciting. Make sure your sales team knows that indeed CSI is the goal, but making relationships with customers is the way to improve CSI scores.

Make sure communication is seamless

Furthermore, a quick way to create streamlined, two-way communication internally with your staff and customers is to implement Text2Drive into your dealership. Text2Drive is a text message marketing & sales software designed specifically for auto dealers. T2D allows dealerships to control and customize all text messages sent, as well as, store all communications in a secure online CRM so it can be accessed when you’re away from the desk. Texting CSI surveys, birthday alerts, thank you messages, appointment reminders and more templates are easy to send, automated, and a great way to improve CSI scores.

Contact Text2Drive today for a live interactive demo or just to get more information on how our text message software can help get your entire team on board. We are based out of Littleton, Colorado and help dealers like you nationwide with offices all over including Chicago, Illinois. And as always, proud to say we’re made in the USA!

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