The Importance of Great Customer Service for Auto Dealers

Great Customer Service Is The Key To Gaining Loyal Customers

To start, great customer service for auto dealers is the key in making your dealership a top performer in the automotive industry. When a consumer walks away with a positive experience at your dealership, they will come back for additional service. This will ultimately create a loyal customer and an advocate for you. On the other hand, if a customer walks away with a poor experience at your auto dealership, they could either write a bad review or spread the word that this is not the dealership to go to. Here are three key customer service tricks for auto dealers to implement to make sure every customer walking out the door is one with a smile on their face and a positive story to spread.

1) Positivity is infectious.

In fact, having a positive attitude in the workplace will ultimately lead to a greater experience for the customer as well as the auto dealer. When a customer walks through the door needing service or wanting to purchase a new car, whether they are having a good or bad day, you can help make their day that much better. Remember, a simple smile can say a thousand words.

2) Pay attention to detail.

The little details can mean a lot when making a large sale, such as a car. Your customers want to know that you are checking off all the little boxes and putting them first. Their wishes and needs should be your number one priority during any sales or service process. Pay attention to the details so nothing falls through the cracks, as well as, your work will be more effective and efficient.

3) Quick communication can go a long way.

Ultimately, customers want to make sure they are being served in a quick and adequate manner. By having on demand communication such as text messaging, your auto dealership will be able to effectively communicate to customers. For example, Text2Drive will connect auto dealers to consumers with our two-way communication software with a simple click of a button. Auto dealers will be able to send a text message to let the customers know when their car is done during service or they can send customers photos with information about a car of interest. With Text2Drive, all text messaging is double opt-in compliant.

The Takeaway

Overall, be positive, pay attention to detail, and communicate effectively with text messaging (the preferred method of communication today), to keep your auto dealership relevant and to increase your customer service index (CSI). Contact Text2Drive today for a live demo or to get more information on how our text message marketing and sales software can help your dealership. We are based out of Littleton, Colorado and help dealers like you nationwide. Proudly made in the USA.