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Video Walkaround

Walkaround Videos Protect Your Service Department Against False Claims

If a customer claims that your service staff damaged the exterior of their vehicle, you need evidence to prove otherwise – to protect your service department and maintain goodwill with the customer. The video communications walkaround feature from TEXT2DRIVETM gives you solid, concrete evidence that cannot be disputed.

Documented On Camera

When customers see something with their own eyes, they trust it. Using the TEXT2DRIVETM mobile app, your service advisors and technicians can record a walkaround video of the exterior of each vehicle prior to beginning work on it. The video documents any dents, dings or scratches that were made before the customer drove the car into your service bay. If a customer issues a complaint about damage, your service staff can send them a text message containing the video.

Permanently Stored

All text communications, including videos, are recorded and stored within the TEXT2DRIVETM CRM software. So, whether an issue arises immediately following service or further down the  road, videos are always accessible. Since exchanges are saved in the cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system instead of a personal device, you will not lose any when an employee leaves.

Clear Communications

Open lines of communication are critical when handling a delicate customer situation. Service advisors and technicians can carry on an open dialogue with each other in TEXT2DRIVETM via text messages or group chat. Chat with one employee, a department or the entire dealership. You can quickly relay important information to expedite an appropriate response and diffuse the situation. The mobile app allows your staff to communicate with customers, as well – via videos, calls and two-way texting. Customers who wish to initiate a conversation themselves can text an employee’s name to 37483 to easily get in touch with them.

Easy To Use

TEXT2DRIVETM was designed with the needs of automotive dealerships in mind. We get that your service staff is in the business of cars – not high tech. With this in mind, we created a user-friendly mobile app that any member of your staff can master. The user interface and graphics are similar to text messaging apps on personal devices and the design is clean. Walkaround videos are a cinch to record and send.

Plus, you have the option to change the setting to ensure they are sent to a service advisor prior to the customer, giving the advisor a chance to review them for quality control. Conversely, you can leave the video feature on the standard setting, which allows service technicians to immediately send the video directly to the customer.

Dedicated Timeline

The new mobile app from TEXT2DRIVETM allows dealership staff to pull up or create a new timeline for each customer using the RO, VIN or tag number. This feature also allows the dealership to add information to an RO. Employees can add new media including pictures, videos and notes to the RO.

Every time an employee adds a walkaround video to a customer’s timeline, it becomes available for the rest of the dealership’s staff to use. They can choose whether or not they want to give customers access to their pictures or videos. If they decide to share the file, a text message containing a link is sent to the customer. The customer will have access to media and an overview of the work performed on their vehicle.

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