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Send Customized Sales & Service Campaigns With Keywords

TEXT2DRIVETM built the action-oriented keyword feature into its full-featured communications platform, which makes it easy and convenient for dealerships to interact with customers via text messages. The software was designed for the specific needs of auto dealers.

Send Customized Campaigns With Keywords

Easily Set Up Campaigns

Keyword Campaigns Are Easy To Set Up

The SMS keyword feature is ideal for motivating customers to redeem coupons. Pre-existing templates make it easy for your dealership to customize and personalize any campaign. Even the least tech-savvy employee can enter information about a promotion.

You can create any keyword you desire and each keyword can be set up for a different purpose – from an oil change promotion to information about a car for sale. For example, when customers subscribe to your marketing text messages, they receive a message thanking them and letting them know they can opt out at any time using a certain keyword.

Motivate Customers To Act

Make it easy for customers to act on promotions and vehicles for sale by including links in the keyword campaigns you send. You can link to any website address or webpage you want.

Send To Groups Of All Sizes

There are no restrictions on the number of recipients per campaign; you can send it to everyone who has opted in to receive marketing messages or only to certain segmented audiences.

Display Keywords Anywhere

Keywords can be used across many different promotional channels including your website, auto shows, print ads in newspapers and used car trade magazines, digital ads, signage at in your service bay and checkout lines, billboards and VIP clubs.

Sell Cars To Customers Wherever They Are

Create keywords or unique stock numbers on cars for sale and advertise them on your website, an ad or on a sticker applied to the vehicles themselves. When interested customers send the keywords or stock numbers via text message, they receive information on the vehicle that they are inquiring about.

How One Dealership Increased Their Open Repair Orders Through Keywords

Baxter Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Lincoln in Nebraska opened 41 repair orders (ROs) when it used promotional text messages through TEXT2DRIVE™ to advertise a promotion it was holding. The marketing text messages were sent to customers who opted into the dealership’s VIP club.

As a Baxter Lincoln VIP Member, come in for a FREE tire rotation & fluid top off with the purchase of any oil change between the hours of 4 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Monday -Thursday. Offer expires 3/28/2019.

Baxter created the SMS keyword “4BaxterVIP” and sent promotional text messages to 306 customers. 41 of those customers had their vehicles serviced. The dealership grossed $8,138.47 in total customer pay and $203.46 in average customer pay per RO from this campaign.

Increased RO Opens Through Keywords

Get Keywords For Your Dealership

The keyword feature is one of many in the TEXT2DRIVETM suite that your dealership can use to boost service and sales revenue and improve customer retention. Take a test drive of our communications platform today to experience it for yourself.

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