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Parts Obsolescence

Eliminate Parts Obsolescence
Éliminer l'obsolescence des pièces

Eliminate Parts Obsolescence & Stop Revenue Leakage

Parts obsolescence is a seemingly minor, silent problem that can grow in size and impact quickly. It starts with a few overlooked parts due to incorrect orders, appointment no-shows or returns. The next thing you know, you are looking at your service department balance sheet wondering what in the world caused a decline in your revenue.

Stay Ahead To Keep From Falling Behind

While parts obsolescence can seem like an uncontrollable force, eliminating it is really just a matter of communication and organization management. Through the TEXT2DRIVETM parts interface, keep an updated record of special order parts, that you can send reminders and open the lines of communication. This strategy will ensure that your customers pick up their special order parts.

Keep Track Of Parts

TEXT2DRIVETM created its parts interface to manage your parts and communications under one hood so everyone knows what is going on. Our platform knows every time you order a part because it pulls the data from your DMS in real-time. It also records the receipt of parts, keeping your service staff informed every step of the way.

The parts obsolescence feature is instrumental in informing your employees of when new parts were ordered and received.

Notify Customers Promptly

In addition to managing orders, the parts interface makes it easy and fast to let customers know their parts are in. Simply select the customers you want to notify and a box will pop up on the same screen.

Next, select the pre-existing text message template you want to use. In this example, it will be the parts notification template. Make sure the template contains the verbiage you want and click “Send Text.”

The parts interface maintains a record of every single customer you have text messaged for easy reference. You do not have to worry about overlooking customers or contacting them twice for the same parts.

Customers are much more likely to keep their service appointments when they are made aware that their parts are in. That is what makes our parts obsolescence strategy so effective. These text alerts resulted in an average 54% decrease in parts obsolescence for dealerships that use TEXT2DRIVETM.

Notify Customers Promptly



When text notifications are sent

Recoup Lost Revenue

Banishing the waste of parts obsolescence really is as simple as that. Let TEXT2DRIVE do the heavy lifting for you, saving your service department precious manpower and allowing your staff to focus on the work at hand.

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