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Repair Broken Lines Of Communication To Improve Customer Satisfaction & Revenue

Communicating with employees in other departments or even your own department at your dealership can be challenging, especially on days when your service department’s schedule is packed and your sales associates have a full day ahead of showing cars.

While this is a great problem to have, it can lead to a lack of customer satisfaction and a loss of revenue if it causes an internal communication problem. Given the mobile nature of service and sales roles at dealerships, you need the ability to communicate with your staff members regardless of where they are at any given moment.

Repair broken lines of communication
Repair broken lines of communication

Employees can create chat rooms
Employees can create chat rooms

The group chat feature from TEXT2DRIVETM allows employees to create chat rooms to communicate with a group of other employees. The staff member setting up the chat room can customize it according to the employees they need to communicate with at that time.

The group chat feature eliminates the need to use external messengers such as Slack, Line and Instant Messenger, and personal smartphones – keeping all communications in the TEXT2DRIVETM software for easy access. TEXT2DRIVETM archives and saves all chats to provide watertight security. Management can review and monitor employee chats at any time, making it possible to hold employees accountable.

It is not just employees in the dealership that can chat via the communications platform. Well aware of how important it is for the business development center to communicate with dealerships, the makers of TEXT2DRIVETM included capabilities for the business development center to chat down to the dealership level.

Imagine how much time your employees would save if they could convey the same message to multiple people at once instead of composing individual texts or emails, or calling everyone separately via phone.

Include Business Development in chats
Include Business Development in chats

How It Works

Keep Employees Connected

Communicate & Share Data

Step 1: Select


Select the Group Chat icon.

Step 2: Create Room


Click the Create Room button.

Step 3: Customize


Customize the room in different ways including giving it a name and assigning a topic to it.

Step 4: Protect


Ensure the data and information displayed in the chat room are never deleted. Select the “Protect” option in the chat room creation window.

Step 5: Invite


Invite fellow employees to chat by clicking on “Invite” in the dropdown menu.

Seamless Communication At Your Fingertips

Spur-of-the-Moment issues
Spur-of-the-Moment issues

The group chat feature comes in handy for spur-of-the-moment issues that arise as well as planned mass communications. In both cases, managers can set up the chat room in advance to ensure it is available at a moment’s notice.

One of the most significant benefits of group chat is, users can access it on a desktop, tablet or cell phone. They are not chained to a desk. The makers of TEXT2DRIVETM made sure this was possible when creating the communications platform because they understand how important it is for the dealership staff to be mobile.

It is equally important for employees to know immediately if a co-worker or manager needs to speak with them. Push notifications alert users instantly when someone wants to start or resume a chat. These notifications can be turned off after hours to protect employees’ personal time.

Users also have the ability to share photos or videos via group chat. They simply find the photo or video they want to share, retrieve it from their desktop and drop it into the group chat upload section.

Chat push notifications
Chat push notifications

Automatically archive inactive chats
Automatically archive inactive chats

Are you concerned about an excess number of open chats bogging down communications? TEXT2DRIVETM automatically archives chats after seven days of inactivity, eliminating the confusion that can occur when too many chats are open.

If you think internal chat is a nice thing to have, but probably does not make much difference in the long run, think again. Using TEXT2DRIVETM, dealerships save service advisors 40 hours per month.

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