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Ensure Your Customers Are Driving Safely... Text Recall Notices to Them in Seconds!

Safety recalls are serious and need to be addressed immediately! No communications mode will deliver safety recalls to your customers faster and more effectively than text messaging. Allow TEXT2DRIVETM to do all the work on your behalf. Your customers will appreciate your concern for their safety.

Recall Stat
Recall Stat

How the Text Recall Program Works

Recalls step 1

STEP 1 - Dealership Database

TEXT2DRIVETM looks at all the customers in your dealership database.

Recalls step 2

STEP 2 - Chrysler Database

We then cross reference your customers in Chrysler’s database for open recalls available.

Recalls step 3

STEP 3 - Open Recall Report

TEXT2DRIVETM will then send you a detailed report of how many open recalls are available and what types of recalls you can choose from.

Recalls step 4

STEP 4 - Choose Your Recalls

You can then filter out which types of recall codes you’d like to send text notifications out to, set the quantity of sends, and frequency.

Key Benefits of Safety Recall Texts


94% of consumers prefer auto dealers that can text message. Text your vehicle safety recalls for greater completion rates.


We gather the data from your dealer’s database. Set your preferences and let us do the rest.

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