Volvo Improves Their Dealership CSI Score with Text2Drive

How Sandberg NW Volvo Improved Their Dealership CSI Score with Text2Drive

At Text2Drive, if there’s anything we love more than boosting a car dealership CSI Score, it’s great customer feedback.

Recently, Dave Bushnell, Service Manager at Sandberg NW Volvo in Lynnwood, Washington reported a dramatic increase in their CSI (customer service index) score since switching to Text2Drive. After looking for the best way to communicate with their customers, they turned to Text2Drive. They not only reported being able to get authorizations “in a blink of an eye,” but their CSI has gone “through the roof.” Since being with Volvo for 17 years, Bushnell has never seen such a dramatic improvement in their CSI score in such a short time. “The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie,” said Bushnell. Case in point, their whole CSI Score jumped 25 points (from 71 to 96) after switching to Text2Drive. Sandberg catapulted into the number one dealership in CSI in their market.

Calls Down, CSI Score Up

Text messaging, rather than calling, has proven to save advisors an incredible amount of time. Instead of calling, Sandberg NW Volvo sent 2,000 texts in January. Dave states Text2Drive cut his call volume in half immediately. If each call averages 72 seconds (they do, we tested it!) the math works out to an incredible 40 hours of savings per month.

The text message does everything a phone call does- it’s quick and uses the words “follow up”. The message includes both the customer’s and advisor’s name. This makes communication easy. It’s far more effective and personal without the awkward formality and anxiety often associated with calls from unknown numbers.

With the release of their new 2017 Volvo s60 vehicle, efficient customer communication with both customers and within the auto dealership itself is key, and that’s exactly where Text2Drive’s strengths are. For Bushnell, who has tried various other texting platforms, “nothing compares to Text2Drive, it is far superior.”

New Features Coming Soon

Text2Drive continuously develops new features that benefit our customers in big ways. One recent enhancement is our new Service-To-Sales feature that creates a hand off from the service department to the sales department. This prevents sales from leaking out the overhead doors! In addition, our online invoicing feature increases customer satisfaction by decreasing the time they wait to pay. Check out the new feature page to see how our automated text messaging software can drastically improve your auto dealership’s CSI score.