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Chicago Dealerships Can Increase Customer Satisfaction & Improve Communications With TEXT2DRIVETM

TEXT2DRIVETM is a text messaging platform developed specifically for the unique needs of auto dealerships. It is the only full-featured text platform that optimizes communications both within the auto dealership and, most importantly, with customers to greatly improve their experience and, ultimately, improve efficiency and profitability.

Truly an industry game changer, TEXT2DRIVETM ensures full legal compliance with all federal and cellular provider regulations regarding text messaging. Which is why auto dealers, service directors and parts managers in Chicago, across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada rely on us every day.



94% of Consumers Prefer Auto Dealers That Can Text Message

auto dealer benefits that use our text messaging software

Key Text Messaging Features

  • Legally compliant, eliminate the risk of potential fines
  • Two-way text communications
  • Unlimited users, unlimited texting—No hidden usage costs
  • Protect personal privacy
  • Service reminders get a high response rate
  • Text and group chat between individuals and departments
  • No more voicemail/telephone tag
  • DMS Integrated & Certified
  • Standard templates eliminate manual text entry
  • Single source for all dealership communications
  • Runs on any computer or device
  • Integrates with your website
  • Real-time, cloud-based
  • You’re not chained to a desk, text messaging can be performed anywhere
  • Secure
auto dealers can streamline their service department by using our software

Streamline Service Department

  • Faster status updates
  • Quicker “no misunderstandings” Repair Order (RO) authorizations
  • Timely pick-up notifications when service is completed
  • Automatic CSI survey transmittal
  • Customer invoices are paid via text
  • No long lines or surprises at checkout
car dealers can connect to customers better and close more sales

Close More Sales

  • Highest open rate of any communication
  • 10x faster than phone calls and personal phone numbers are protected
  • Increase sales conversions by 100%
  • Grows your marketing database
  • Easy learning curve
  • Spend more time selling, less time fooling with technology
  • You’re not shackled to your desk

Cars And The Chicago Lifestyle

When it comes to cars and cell phones, millennials are ambivalent about one and very much taken with the other. Care to guess which is which?

Maybe millennials aren’t as obsessed with cars the way their parents were. But there’s a reason why the nation’s third-largest city and Midwest cultural mecca hosts an annual car show. Chicago is a car town. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, dealerships are continuing to expand, even as sales are somewhat in decline. How does your auto dealership stand out from the competition? One highly effective way is to provide text-messaging services that improve customer satisfaction, promote long-term loyalty and generate new sales opportunities.

Oh, and those millennials? Maybe they don’t love their cars as much as their cell phones, but the auto dealer that text messages—the way millennials prefer to communicate—is the way to ensure even reluctant car owners are enthused about doing business with you.

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TEXT2DRIVETM Services Your Auto Dealership Needs

Drive More Sales When You Text Message

Here’s why sales managers consider TEXT2DRIVETM integral to boosting sales and increasing dealership ROI:

  • Makes it easier to manage sales staff
  • Easy-to-use text messaging eliminates extensive training and time wasted on the continual instruction of older workers who are not technology-proficient
  • Easily connect and engage with leads, answer questions and provide vehicle descriptions
  • Effortless and quick capability to locate pre-owned cars for “buy-back “programs, search product inventory
  • Optimize customer and employee communications

Achieve Smoother Overall Operations When You Text

Here’s why Service Managers rely on TEXT2DRIVETM to improve customer satisfaction and service department efficiency:

  • Improved CSI scores thanks to better and more accurate communications with customers
  • Better management and efficiency of repair schedules reduces downtime from missed appointments and results in higher commissions and overall shop revenues
  • No waiting for customers to get back to you; eliminated telephone tag
  • Templates eliminate manual keying of messages
  • No need to dial or manually enter customer cell numbers
  • Automatic routing of the customer to right department or person
  • Easy learning curve, quick adoption in use of text messaging

The TEXT2DRIVETM Difference

Trusted Partner. Proven Performer. Industry Leader.

“Text2Drive is an innovative product and it makes my job so much easier. I’m texting you a big thank you!”
— Andy Pak, Service Advisor, McGrath Lexus of Chicago

New Features

E-Signature Speed CheckOutTM
3-step process to approve, pay and authorize invoices.

Vehicle Health Report (VHR)
When the check engine light is activated in a customer’s vehicle, an alert is automatically sent to the dealership.

Upgraded History Profiles
Easy searchability and comprehensive access to customer profiles and vehicle search history.

Calendar Invite
Send a click-able invite for customers to save service dates to their mobile phones.

Call customers without sharing your personal cell phone number and record/archive conversations.

Group Chat
Communicate with a group of employees, individual departments or the entire dealership.

Mobile Operations Module (MOM)
Communicate with customers securely and legally using the Mobile Operations Module (MOM), an extension of the communication platform.

Video Capabilities
Use MOM to send customers photographs of car repairs and videos of any issues that arise.

Online Payments and Invoicing
Text invoices and receive payments. With E-Signature, customers can sign their invoice electronically right from their phone.

Table Text Communications Interface
Brings full desktop functionalities to iPad, Android, Surface tablets.

Drive Your Chicago Dealership’s Sales Department

Lead Generation
Get connected with shoppers; text response (with video) to customer inquiries containing stock numbers.

Sales Interactivity
Interactive vehicle search and text communication of vehicle information.

Service to Sales Mining
Easily locate pre-owned cars using the year, make and model of desired vehicles that enter your service bay.

Business Development Center eMarketing Functionality
Optimizes customer communications with full-featured text messaging sales and service software.

Drive Your Chicago Dealership’s Service Department

Automated Text Messaging
Puts service department on cruise control with automatic routing of who receives a message, which type of message is sent and when.

Automated Workflows
Quickly connect to customers, automated management of customer service and vehicle maintenance from point of purchase up to an including the purchase of a replacement or additional vehicle.

Automated Service Reminders
Higher response rates to text service reminders (even without offering discounts/coupons) improve dealer ROI.

Text Recall
Text recall notices fast and efficiently to ensure your customers are driving safely. We gather the data from your dealer’s database and you set your preferences.

Drive Your Chicago Dealership’s Marketing Department

Website Interactivity
Engage customers in real-time from your dynamic website, TEXTconnect with any employee, download coupons, get vehicle information, conduct live chats, schedule appointments, archive all communications.

Easy-to-use and powerful Dashboard Interface, templated text messages ensure easy and error-free communications, multi-messaging capabilities save time and effort.

Connect to customers via secure text messages that are legally compliant to their mobile devices.

OPT-INal™ Marketing Kiosk
Precisely target consumers with relevant content, provide special offers and coupons.

Enjoy “legal peace of mind” that all customer text messages and associated programs are fully legally compliant.

Reporting and Analytics
All inbound and outbound text messaging recorded and securely archived; the database can generate a range of customized reports to better understand consumer behavior and needs.

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