Sandberg Volvo Cars Dealership CSI Car Case Study | TEXT2DRIVE

Cars Dealership CSI Car Case Study

Sandberg Volvo Cars Gets A CSI Make-Over!

- David Bushnell, Service Manager, Lynwood, VA

35.2% INCREASE from 71% to 96%

Utilizing TEXT2DRIVE™ Saved Service Advisors



2000 calls x 72 seconds to leave a voice mail, on average.

The Secret To How We Did It

Our Automated Text Messaging Software Drastically Improves Dealership CSI Scores

The BEST Way to Communicate

Close the Gap Between You & Your Customers

"Nothing compares to TEXT2DRIVE, it’s far superior! The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie!" – David Bushnell

The Challenge

  • Calling customers was time consuming and ineffective
  • CSI Scores were low
  • Communication between dealership employees was inefficient
  • Lacked automation for repeating processes

The Solution

  • Replace phone calls to customers with text messaging
  • Utilize automated pre-built templates for repeating processes
  • Introduce a user interface that all departments and employees can utilize

The Results

  • Increased CSI Score by 25% from 71% to 96% in a few short months
  • Sandberg cruised right into the number one spot for dealership CSI within their market
  • Bushnell has never seen such a dramatic improvement in their CSI in such a short time period
  • By sending out 2,000 text messages in one month, Bushnell reported decreasing his call volume by half
  • Decreased response time from an average of 4 hours for voice mails to 90 seconds for text messages
  • Increased open rates from 20% for email to 98% for text messages