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Why TEXT2DRIVE Video Is The Best On The Market

Key Take Aways

  • 96% of Americans own cell phones, and of this vast group, 81% own smartphones
  • Dealerships who use TEXT2DRIVE to send videos of recommended repairs to customers have experienced an average of $125 increase in repair order (RO) totals.
  • Salespeople can use the video feature to record and send videos of 360-degree tours of vehicles for sale.

Why TEXT2DRIVE Video Is The Best On The Market

why text2drive video is the best

Using Video Increases Service Revenue, Boosts Sales & Improves Customer Service 

A whopping 96% of Americans own cell phones, and of this vast group, 81% own smartphones. The majority of smartphone owners use their devices to engage in two activities: text messaging and watching videos. 

It makes sense, then, that a full-featured communications platform that utilizes text and video would serve as a powerful tool for a dealership’s service and sales department.

The makers of TEXT2DRIVE™ recognized this fact based on decades of experience in the automotive industry. So, when they designed their communications solution, they built it on a foundation of text messaging and incorporated distinctly unique and value-driven video capabilities.

More Recommended Repairs Approved With Video

People have become wary of dealership service staff. Many customers wrongly assume that service managers are going to recommend unnecessary repairs just to make an extra buck. Once they have received service from you several times and have been satisfied, it builds a certain level of trust. But how do you get new customers to trust you?

By showing customers the issues so they can see them with their own eyes. This goal may sound impossible. Surely you cannot bring every single customer into the service bay?

All of the aforementioned facts are the reasons why showing videos of recommended repairs to customers boosts approval rates. Using the TEXT2DRIVE mobile app, service technicians can record and send videos to customers in which they point out recommended repairs.

The videos are easy for even the least tech-savvy employees to record and they are sent via text message – the consumer-preferred mode of communicating with businesses for the following reasons:

  • No disruption to busy schedules
  • Texts can be read anytime
  • Composing and sending text messages is fast and convenient

Dealerships who use TEXT2DRIVE to send videos of recommended repairs to customers have experienced the power of texting, enjoying an average of $125 increase in repair order (RO) totals

video texting recommended repairs increases repair orders

More Vehicles Sold With Video

The video feature is not just for the service department. Salespeople can use it to record and send videos of 360-degree tours of vehicles for sale. They can also focus on certain parts of the vehicle.

Think about how much easier it is to show customers vehicles in which they are interested when they can get a close look at them wherever they are and whenever is best for them. You can highlight the parts that are of most interest or concern from them and show them the interior and exterior of the car.

More Than Just Video

While the video feature is extremely valuable for both your service and sales departments, it is far from the only benefit that TEXT2DRIVE offers. The following are just some of the many revenue-generating capabilities the communications platform has. 


True automation – no bull. You do not need to upload spreadsheets or manually enter automation. Instead, the software takes care of it for you, automatically deploying 17 text messages that cover every step of the customer lifecycle.

Customer-To-Dealer Interaction

TEXT2DRIVE transforms your website into a marketing powerhouse with profit-driven interactive features that also help you provide exemplary customer service. Customers can connect directly to employees via text message, get coupons delivered to their phone via text message, chat live with employees on the website and more.

Recall Notices

You will have a much better chance of generating safety recall revenue if customers are made aware of them in the first place. It is quick and easy to set up recall alerts. TEXT2DRIVE does most of the work for you, including cross-referencing the customers in your database for open recalls and sending you a detailed report of how many are available. 

Mobile App

The video feature is powered by our newly redesigned mobile app, which frees employees to conduct business wherever they need to in the dealership. They are no longer tied to a desk. The mobile app also empowers your service staff to do their job better, including the ability to access vehicle information by the RO number, tag number and VIN scan.

More Of The Results You Want…For Less Money

This is just a taste of the service and sales revenue, as well as high customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores, you will generate when you use TEXT2DRIVE. The icing on the cake? TEXT2DRIVE costs less than many other solutions that do not include half of the same features.

The more you learn about the full-featured communications platform, the more you will understand why every dealership needs TEXT2DRIVE. 

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