Sandberg Volvo Cars Improved Dealership CSI Score | TEXT2DRIVE

How Sandberg Volvo Cars Improved Their Dealership CSI Score with TEXT2DRIVE

Key Take Aways

  • Sandberg Volvo Cars experienced a major jump of 25 points (from 71 to 96) in their CSI Score after switching over to TEXT2DRIVE in just a few months.
  • Utilizing TEXT2DRIVE saved Sandberg Volvo Cars’ service advisors 40 hours per month.

How Sandberg Volvo Cars Improved Their Dealership CSI Score with TEXT2DRIVE

How Sandberg Volvo Cars Improved Their Dealership CSI Score with TEXT2DRIVE

Recently, Dave Bushnell, Service Manager at Sandberg Volvo Cars in Lynnwood, Washington reported a dramatic increase in their dealership’s CSI (customer service index) score since switching to TEXT2DRIVETM.

They came to us looking for the best way to communicate with their customers, but weren’t sure how to close the gap.

Sandberg Volvo Cars experienced a major jump of 25 points (from 71 to 96) in their CSI Score after switching over to TEXT2DRIVETM in just a few months. With their new service department “Swiss Army Knife”, Sandberg cruised right into the number one spot for dealership CSI within their market.

Since being with Volvo for 17 years, Bushnell has never seen such a dramatic improvement in their CSI in such a short time period. Their dealership’s CSI score went “through the roof” and repair authorizations were coming in “within a blink of an eye,” Bushnell reported. “The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie!”


Making The Switch To Texting Your Customers

Text messaging, rather than calling, has proven to save service advisors an incredible amount of time.

Instead of calling customers individually, Sandberg Volvo Cars sent out 2,000 text messages in the month of January using a TEXT2DRIVETM template. Ecstatically, Bushnell reported that this cut his call volume in half immediately.

Think about that. The average call just to leave a voice message takes about 72 seconds, multiply that by 2,000 phone calls and you just saved your service advisor an incredible 40 hours that month!

Text messaging does everything a phone call or email can do, but it’s much quicker (90 second average response time compared to 4 hours via phone call) and uses words such as “follow up” which helps keep your open rates high (98% compared to 20% via email).

Utilizing Text2Drive Saved Service Advisors 40 Hours Per Month

The TEXT2DRIVETM Difference

Trusted Partner. Proven Performer. Industry Leader.

TEXT2DRIVETM was developed to serve the specific needs of auto dealerships and is proudly made in USA. Engineered for legal compliance, this text message software meets all Federal regulations. That’s why auto dealers, service directors and parts managers across the nation trust and rely on us every day.

Efficient two-way communication with both customers and within the auto dealership itself is key. Combined with artificial intelligence (AI) automation, prebuilt texting templates such as service reminders, TEXTcoupons widget for your website, and a simple user interface developed for everyone, no matter your age or learning level; the TEXT2DRIVETM platform excels above the rest.

Just ask Dave Bushnell, at Sandberg Volvo Cars, who has tried numerous other texting softwares, “nothing compares to TEXT2DRIVETM, it’s far superior!”

Every text message includes both the customer’s name and advisor’s name. This makes communication easier and more personal. It’s far more effective without the awkward formality and anxiety often associated with calls from unknown numbers. Plus, all text and voice communications are stored securely within the TEXT2DRIVETM customer relationship management (CRM) database incase a staff member leaves your dealership.

TEXT2DRIVETM continuously develops new features that benefit our customers in big ways. One recent enhancement is our Service-To-Sales Mining Tool that creates a hand-off from the service department to the sales department. This prevents sales from leaking out the doors!

In addition, our online invoicing feature called Speed CheckOut increases customer satisfaction by decreasing the time they wait in line to pay bills.

Your customers will appreciate your concern when they receive a hands-free safety recall from you. Just pick your frequency and let TEXT2DRIVETM do all the hard work for you.

Learn more about these features and more. See how our automated text messaging software can drastically improve your auto dealership’s CSI score within just a few months.