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Prevent OEM Vehicle Repair Schedule Changes From Slowing Down Your Profits

Key Take Aways

  • TEXT2DRIVE’s full-service text communications, automation, video, voice, recalls and marketing platform pulls data from the dealership's database and manufacturers directly.
  • Dealerships using TEXT2DRIVE’s automated maintenance alerts are fully aligned with OEM's and vehicle owner's changing schedules.
  • TEXT2DRIVE™ offers true automation.

Prevent OEM Vehicle Repair Schedule Changes From Slowing Down Your Profits

Prevent OEM Repair Schedule Changes From Slowing Down Your Profits

In a perfect world, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers would never change the maintenance schedule on their vehicles. However, as you are well aware, this is not the case.

And when the OEM alters their schedules for newer vehicles and technology, or customers change their appointment because they’re too busy, keeping up with it can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. You find yourself manually scrambling to change the dates on the service reminders you had previously set up. You don’t need another task on your plate.

The service department is a vital source of revenue for your dealership and scheduled repairs are a critical contributor. Oversights can be costly – in both hours and money lost.

While we do not live in a perfect world, there is a better way. The solution? True automation with artificial intelligence (AI)!


At Your Service

Imagine if you had an assistant who never called in sick, always showed up on time and when you needed them. Best of all, this assistant changes the dates of service reminders for you in accordance with schedule changes instituted by OEMs or the customers personal situation.

You would never have to worry about losing precious hours in the workday due to adjusting alerts, missing a schedule change or contacting a customer prematurely. It sounds amazing, right?

Automation can make all of this happen and more:

  • Vehicle service reminders, activated at the time of purchase, are kept current by business development center (BDC) and manufacturer databases. Whenever a service date is approaching, they are automatically sent to your dealership.
  • If a customer declines a repair despite it being due, automated alerts are sent to the dealership to remind you to follow up on it with the customer.
  • When safety recalls are issued on a vehicle, alerts are sent out via text message to a list of your customers who own that vehicle. You set your preferences, we do the rest.
  • Your dealership receives an alert whenever a warning light is activated in a customer’s vehicle so that you can let the customer know they need to come in for service.
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Beware of Fake Automation, True is the Only Solution

True Automation

Many companies that sell text communications and marketing software to dealerships try to claim their products incorporate true automation. In most cases, this is a falsehood. The truth is, they require users to upload a spreadsheet before they can set up the alerts.

TEXT2DRIVE™ is different. Our full-service text communications, automation, video, voice, recalls and marketing platform pulls data from the dealership’s database and manufacturers directly. It starts at the point of sale and never ends.

TEXT2DRIVE Cycle Of Automation That Starts At Point Of Sale

As a result, you get automated maintenance alerts that are fully aligned with OEM’s and vehicle owner’s changing schedules.

Put simply, TEXT2DRIVE™ offers true automation. It sends out all of these alerts above and much more! Plus, it includes features such as texting templates that help ensure streamlined, on-brand, error-free communications both internally and externally.

You no longer have to be a slave to schedule changes. Set up a demo today to learn more about how TEXT2DRIVE™ can save your service department 100’s of hours and prevent costly oversights.