Convenience, Transparency and Connection Drive Fixed Ops Revenue

Convenience, Transparency and Connection Drive Fixed Ops Revenue

Convenience, Transparency and Connection Drive Fixed Ops Revenue

Why do some service departments thrive while others struggle? Reputation and efficiency are critical factors in every customer decision. When drivers choose a dealership to work on their vehicle, they want to feel assured that they will receive the highest-quality, most dependable service in the least possible amount of time. To attract and retain customers and drive fixed ops revenue, businesses must demonstrate commitment to customer convenience, build trust, and stay top of mind.

The 2021 Fixed Operations Award Winner, TEXT2DRIVE’s easy-to-use platform makes it easier for your dealership to achieve success in these three key areas than ever before. You can expect deeper, longer-term relationships and increased fixed ops revenue to result.

TEXT2DRIVE’s CEO, Gregg C Owen, featured in the FixedOps Journal to discuss how to make your customers a priority and maximize service lane efficiency.


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Focus On Convenience

Clear communication, invoicing, mobile checkout with advanced fraud protection, and vehicle pickup scheduling combine to make service appointments positive, hassle-free experiences for customers. Dealerships implementing TEXT2DRIVE typically experience a 90-second response time with 92% of customers choosing mobile checkout. As a result, they’re able to drive up to $100,000 in increased monthly revenue and a 35% boost in CSI scores.


Build Trust And Transparency

Getting customer approvals for repairs is easy with TEXT2DRIVE Video WalkAround, which empowers your service techs to share photos and video of vehicle issues along with audio and text commentary. Our customers who used this solution experienced a 47% increase in RO approvals and 25% improvement in service department loyalty.


Stay Top Of Mind

Stay connected with your customers with integrated text and chat. In 2020, TEXT2DRIVE’s customers sent 25 million texts (85.6% automated) for recalls, service reminders, and more, which generated $68 million, reduced parts obsolescence by 54%, and increased appointment show rates by 10%.


Make your customers a priority and maximize lane efficiency in your service department. Take a product tour for more information on how TEXT2DRIVE, the industry’s leading communications platform, can help boost your dealership’s fixed ops revenue.


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