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Automate Dealership Processes = Margin Protector + Opportunity Generator + Talent Enabler

Automate Dealership Processes = Margin Protector + Opportunity Generator + Talent Enabler

Enabling — not replacing — sales and service talent is the true promise of automating dealership processes. It’s leveraging technology to do the simple things so your people can engage in high-value activities. The result of those savings on labor costs translates to margin protection.

The following infographic illustrates the power of the automated customer communications covered in this new guide, “10 Ways to Improve the Dealership Service Department Process Using Text Automation.” Represented in the data are the repair orders and revenue TEXT2DRIVE’s automated dealership software helped generate over a 10-month period for a Midwest-based Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram dealership, resulting in a 775.58% return on investment.

Two of the communications categories covered in the infographic are part of TEXT2DRIVE’S 17 automated lifecycle communications. Users select the timing and the parameters of these communications, and their TEXT2DRIVE customer success manager does the rest. Abiding by double opt-in text-marketing regulations, the platform first confirms whether a customer has approved texting as a communications channel through DMS integration.

That same connection also ensures communications are relevant, so customers aren’t contacted if they’ve already scheduled an appointment or connected with service staff. It’s why messages related to first service reminders are so low in the infographic below. Still, nearly 12% of the 163 automated first-service reminders TEXT2DRIVE sent over a 10-month period resulted in 19 open ROs and $2,924 in revenue that Chrysler dealership might have missed.

Of course, your dealership can complete these communications manually, but why would you? Especially given that TEXT2DRIVE estimates that a 70-RO-per-day dealership spends $1,300 per month making service-related calls. Click below to download our guide:

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