Auto Dealer CSI Score – How To Benchmark, Calculate, & Improve

Do You Know If Your CSI Score Is Growing?

To start, what is a CSI score? Customer Satisfaction Index or CSI Score is a way auto dealers can calculate how well their customers are responding to your business. Auto dealer CSI is a crucial metric for sales in car dealerships to gauge what can be improved and what is working well.  A sales person should ensure they are consistent meeting their target CSI score. Remember, sales people can use surveys to their advantage when making a sale by showing the positive feedback. So, if a sales person receives low CSI scores this could lead to lower car sales and could affect the auto dealers inventory. Although it is common to receive all 10’s, it is not uncommon to have one lower score affect your overall score. Like the saying goes, “It takes 10 positive comments to offset 1 negative comment.”

Calculating Your Auto Dealer CSI Score

Next, you might be wondering how to calculate your customer satisfaction percentage. CSI is scored by car dealerships on a scale from a 0-100 survey. In order to calculate your auto dealer CSI score, you need to first formulate a customer satisfaction survey. Knowing how many people have received the survey and how many positive results/ happy customers you have after the survey responses come in, you can divide the two numbers and get your final result. Meanwhile, the dealership can look at the index of individual sales people and the dealership as a whole. Overall customer satisfaction will stay up by implementing new techniques throughout the whole car dealership.

Furthermore, a variety of questions can be included in your survey, a few starter questions are listed below.

  1. Were you satisfied with your overall experience at the car dealership today?
  2. Were your questions answered to your satisfaction?
  3. Did your sales representative have expert knowledge on the cars you were interested in?
  4. Were all your questions answered in a quick and efficient manner?

Questions in the CSI survey can be personalized for each sales representative/dealership. Every customer should be given the same customer satisfaction survey. With this you can ensure that each survey is consistent and fair. Incidentally, as questions stay the same, it will be easy to find the weak spots in the auto dealer if there are any.

Obtaining Auto Dealer CSI Surveys

It can be a win-win for sales people to show a positive service when selling a car to a customer, this can entice that customer to fill one out for themselves. Although, this is not the only way to keep CSI surveys coming in. Auto dealers should keep your surveys easy to fill out and accessible to your customers. Mention the CSI survey during your conversations with the customers in the dealership. Stay relevant with the way you are distributing the surveys after a customer meeting.

Start Increasing Profitability & Raise Your CSI Score

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