5 Questions Regarding Dealership Customer Service Experience

Auto dealers must have a keen sense of customer service to improve their sales and customer relationships. There are many questions that come to mind when it comes to improving customer experience or what tools can get help get your dealership get to the top of the auto industry. But don’t worry…

Text2Drive will help answer the top 5 questions regarding dealership customer experience

We Had A Great Customer Experience At Your Dealership

1.) How can my dealership improve our CSI Score?

Taking a few tips from one of our previous article on getting your dealership CSI score above the national average, keep your quality of work high and continue to do the work right the first time. Stay driven and dedicated to your work and improving your CSI score will happen naturally. Next, by implementing text communications, you will be able to relate to your consumer and use the most effective communication tool on the market today. And lastly, it is important to make sure everything is clearly communicated to your customer. Leave zero room for confusion or miscommunication. Stay ahead of the competition with these few tips and simply keep your customers first.

2.) What automotive customer service tips can I use to help my dealership?

Ultimately, it comes down to the matter of making yourself personable and understanding your consumers. Get to know your customer. By talking to them and getting to know them, you will be able to create a relationship with one another and improve their experience. There is no doubt that a simple shake of the hand, a short introduction of yourself, and what you do at the dealership will help your customer feel more comfortable. By doing so, you help the customer feel more open to asking questions and receiving help. Questions are beneficial for both parties, you as a representative for the dealership will be able to show your expert knowledge and have a smoother work day, and the customers will get to know the dealership and products better as well as continue to have a smoother day.

3.) How important is it to train my employees on customer service?

It is extremely important to train your staff on customer service. Creating a training program can be timely, but effective in improving dealership customer experience. Therefore, this makes sure your staff is all on the same page, on board, know how to distribute surveys, and know how to handle various situations. Your employees will be able have a greater sense of customer service and what the expectations are for every customer that walks through your doors. It is imperative to communicate with your staff and set goals for improving CSI scores. This will ultimately lead to greater customer service all around.

 4.) How often is the customer actually right?

The customer is always right! Whether you think so or not, be polite and friendly. The customer is there to give your dealership business and it is all about keeping a positive relationship with your customers and providing them with a good experience. This will directly affect your customer service score and future referrals.

5.) How can Text2Drive help my dealership improve overall customer service experience?

Text2Drive is THE solution to increasing your dealership’s customer experience and CSI score. Considering that consumers today prefer text messages over phone calls, leaving there to be an average of  45% sales and service response rate among consumers. By implementing our text messaging sales & marketing software into your auto dealership, you will drive your dealership further, faster. Moreover, you will be able to increase that important CSI score and profitability by 75%. With powerful features such as automated messages to send your customers, a marketing kiosk to ease convenience of opting-in, with Speed CheckOut your customer can pay their bill via their mobile device, and SMS interactive widgets that integrate with your website such as LiveChat.

Text2Drive is based out of Littleton, Colorado with offices across the United States including Chicago, Illinois. And as always, we are proud to say that it is Made in the U.S.A!